World of Magic Roblox Guide: How to Play, Cheats and Tips to Level up Fast

If you are familiar with Arcane Adventures, then you are sure to love the sequel, World of Magic.

Think of Harry Potter except on a lower scale. Players and gamers will get to explore the world, learn magic skills, form their own guilds as they battle other players.

But this game does not have a set narrative and you can choose your fate. You can be like Dumbledore to protect the world from the darkness and evil within and be loved by the commoners as an all-powerful wizard, or you can be like 'He Who Must Not Be Named' and learn the secrets of the dark arts while being hunted down by the Magic Council. Totally your call.

As you begin your journey, players must complete quests of varying type and difficulty across the world in order to level up, until you eventually learn rare and lost magic.

Create your own guild and build its Guild Hall, level it up to be the best, and recruit other players to bring more fame and glory to your guild.

You can check out the Roblox Home Page to learn more.

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How to Get Started on the Game

Even at the start of the main home screen, you'll first have to choose what kind of magic you want to possess. After selecting it, you're basically free to do what you want if you're done with the game tutorial. In a forum shared by vetex, players then can explore the world, make friends with other players, collect rare and powerful armor, and level up by completing randomly-spawning tasks given by NPCs around the world. One advice is to make sure to not be labeled a criminal as the NPCs will refuse to talk to you and oftentimes, fight back. 

Watch the video below to learn more how to play the game and level up fast. It also mentioned some cheats and tips to guide you through, including best starter magic.

The developer responsible for creating the game can only be identified as Vetex who apparently was born on October 21, 1999 in Pennsylvania.

He has been making games since 2011 and was a nominee for the Developer of the Year Award. His works include Naruto Burezu, various Dragon Ball games, Online Fighting, Fairy Tail Online Fighting, One Piece Golden Age, Arcane Adventures, Adventure Story, and World of Magic.

The game has been released for a week now and there have been positive reviews already noted by FandomFare.

According to user SuperMegaRobot512, he or she says that the game is great so far, and he can't wait for future updates to expand on what has been laid out in the trello page. "I am hoping we'll be able to join the Magic Council soon," he said.

GokuBlack520 commented that the new changes and additions are killing it with the world feeling more complete than before. But, he didn't like the jail times saying its way too harsh.

The possibility of the game being released in Xbox is not being denied, but mentioned that it would be some time before being released in the platform saying that it is not a priority for now.

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