South Koreans can Finally Carry Their Driver's License on Their Phones: Is This Safe?

Ever since mobile phones and tablet devices have taken the electronics industry by storm, the need for these kinds of gadgets have not lessened in any way. Moreover, these devices have been used as a digital platform in which people can use to communicate with others fast. It is also used to get ahold of people who are far from us, stretching as wide as cross-continent connections.

Mobile phone technology has significantly evolved over the years and South Korea has made it evident in one of its newly implemented regulations. According to an Engadget article, telecommunication companies based in South Korea have implemented the permittance of virtual driver's licenses within the South Korean borders.

South Korean companies

These South Korean companies comprise KT, LG Uplus, and SK Telecom. All three firms have partnered up with ATON, a prominent South Korean security company, to make virtual driver's licenses possible in the Asian country. The digital licenses will be incorporated into an application called the "Pass app." 

This mobile application is used as a payment method wherein people can pay their bills and other miscellaneous purchases through their mobile phones. The KNPA (or Korean National Police Agency) has also approved of this technological advancement and is working together with the aforementioned four companies.

Starting in July 2020, virtual driver's licenses will be utilized as a means for the renewal and reissuement of physical card driver's license authority. The Asian country sees this as a way to implement a new standard that will take place within the country's borders. As of now, people with officially registered driver's licenses are required to upload their details on the Pass app.  This will serve as preparation for the transition that will be happening in the month of July.

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QR code uses

The details consist of the driving person's image, a designated QR code, and another delegated bar code. To make the Pass app a highly secured program, many digital security measures were embedded into the mobile application.

These virtual security measures involve regular code resetting, the prohibition of screenshots and the tech that comes with it, and layered, moving animation.

The Pass app will be making use of an encryption system wherein a person is only allowed to use one device when operating the mobile application. Specific tech will also be incorporated into the application to shield the personal data of people from being used by others.

Since the virtual driver's licenses are not officially implemented yet, the Pass app is used by people as an online wallet. This online wallet is a convenient way to pay things virtually without having the responsibility of keeping one's paper-bill banknotes safe and intact.

SK Telecom's vice president, Oh Se-hyeon, has stated that this newly evolved tech that the four companies mentioned above will be creating will serve as a new standard for the general public.

This will also be a way to lessen physical contact with others in the South Korean area during this health pandemic that everyone in the whole world is currently experiencing.

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