Mercedes Benz, Nvidia Aim To Build Better Autonomous Vehicles by 2024: Could They Beat Tesla?

The popular car manufacturer known as Mercedes-Benz along with the chipmaker known as Nvidia has recently partnered up to build a cutting-edge software-defined computing infrastructure and a new system that will enable vehicles to rapidly receive the over-the-air software updates in order to ensure that they are equipped with the newest autonomous features. Will it beat Tesla?

Nvidia CEO/founder known as Jensen Huang stated that they are both aiming to revolutionize the entire car ownership experience by making the new vehicle software easily programmable and also continuously upgradeable with the use of over-the-air updates.

The pair is said to build the software-defined architecture that is based on Nvidia's own Drive AGX Orin system-on-chip or SoC platform and is said to also be the future standard feature for the next fleet of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz vehicles starting 2024.

Comments regarding the new AI autonomous driving

The chairman of the board of management of Daimler and also Mercedes-Benz who is known as Ola Kallenius stated that the new platform will become ultimately efficient, centralized, and also a software-defining system in the upcoming Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

The project aims to use Nvidia's AI computing architecture in order to help them streamline their journey towards the future of autonomous driving. These brand new capabilities along with the upgrades will then be downloaded from the cloud and will be improving safety, increasing value, and also extending the joy of ownership for every single Mercedes-Benz customer.

Nvidia's Orin SoC platform is actually based on its very recently announced supercomputing architecture. The whole Nvidia Drive platform features a certain software stack that features automated driving along with AI applications that also include DriveWorks, Mapping, Perception, and also Planning.

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The plans to push forward

The pair also noted that the new system would enable both level two and three driving autonomy, as well as the automated parking functions until level four. This would eventually mean that according to the two companies, their vehicles would also have the ability to "automate driving of regular routes from a different address to address.

Customers are also said to be able to purchase the additional software applications along with subscriptions through the easy over-the-air software updates, the company stated, assuring that these brand new systems would eventually have a complete focus on safety.

Huang also stated that the future of the Mercedes-Benz along with the Nvidia Drive system will eventually come with a team of AI experts and software engineers that are continuously developing, enhancing, and refining the car over the course of a lifetime.

During the company's initial debut of its brand new Drive AGX Orin platform at the end of the previous year, Nvidia announced that Chuxing already had plans to use the Nvidia GPUs and AI technologies in order to develop autonomous driving and also the cloud computing solutions.

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