Kojima Productions Disses Facebook User for Calling Death Stranding "Boring"

When The Last of Us Part II came out, every gamer could not hide their excitement over the fact they get to continue Joel and Ellie's story.

But it is now almost a week since the game's release and there have been nothing but negative feedback from the gamers.

However, if there is one thing you do not do- is to compare a Hideo Kojima game with this one. But unfrotunately, for one Facebook user, he or she criticized Hideo Kojima's latest game and called it "boring" saying that The Last of Us Part II was better.

Some game developers don't necessarily pay attention to the Internet and social media trolls out there. But Kojima Productions did and decided to retaliate.

According to Games Revolution, the amusing exchange took place on the official Kojima Productions Facebook page.

In the Facebook page, a post was released asking everyone how their weekend was going and asked them to share their best screenshots from the game guaranteeing them that some will be retweeted using their official Twitter account.

Facebook user Stéphanie MusicAddict took this opportunity to criticize the game saying it was "boring as s***" and that she bartered it for The Last of Us Part II.

Kojima Productions declided to clap back with a vicious burn replying to her comment by saying "The choice of game reflects the quality of its player,". "Maybe it suits you more. P.S. Also the choice of words."

Although the burn was extra hot, the text of the comment from Kojima Productions just seems to criticize the inflammatory language used by the Facebook user.

Attached in the reply also includes an image of The Last of Us 2's Metacritic score. Although the game was given a 95 and has been tagged as "Metacritic's Must Play", the User score is another issue entirely. This has been rated by over 33,000 people and garnered an average rating of 2.4 out of 5 stars.

The Last of Us Part II is being panned by YouTube pundits, Twitch streamers, and thousands of disappointed fans on Twitter.

An article from Sausage Roll also noted that Naughty Dog's latest gory snuff game is also not fairing as well in Japan as it is in the USA and UK. Famitsu slammed the game's story and criticised the Naughty Dog's 'messy writing' and bad plot devices while IGN Japan scored the game a modest 7/10.

But we're yet to hear from the creator and developer himself to see if he loves The Last of Us Part II or not. In the mean time, check out this video below. 

Death Stranding will be out on the Epic Games Store next month. Ths game has been given a 4.3 out of 5 stars from over 2,300 users. 

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