[Rumors] $250 Huawei Mate Watch Coming: Specs, Price, Release Date, and Everything We Know So Far

As Huawei is transitioning to a new operating system, we might also be seeing the first smart watch that will be integrated with the new OS by October. 

If the rumors are correct, then Huawei's next smart watch will be called the "Mate Watch". 

So where does the 'Mate Watch' name fit in? The term itself first cropped up back in May 2020 - as spotted by the likes of Slashleaks' contributor RODENT950. You can check out his tweet below. 

According to Alex Walker-Todd from Tech Advisor, it was discovered as part of a patent application Huawei put forward on 6 May that included familiar product names like 'Mate Pad' and 'Mate Book', as well as other intriguing entries, like 'Mate Pod'. 

When does the Huawei Mate Watch launch?

According to the same Twitter user, he suggested that the watch may be released alongside the Mate 40 series on "Chinese National Day" which for those who are not familiar falls on October 1. This holiday is short for the National Day of the People's Republic of China. You can check out his tweet below. 

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What features will the Huawei Mate Watch offer?

Now that Huawei users are going to be expecting HarmonyOS (or HongMengOS in China) in three months alongside the new wearable, the question on everyone's minds is what makes this OS unique from Android or iOS?

Although this was announced in August 2019 in order to replace the Android OS on Huawei and Honor mobile phones, this was never realized. 

Instead, it would seem that Huawei is planning on swapping out the Lite OS user experience currently found on wearables, like its Watch GT 2 line, with HarmonyOS. 

As of this writing, no features were released for public knowledge other than its user experience. But users can probably expect the digital assistant Celia to make its appearance once more as it did so on the huawei P40 series. 

In a report from Android Headlines, Huawei Mate 40 models might equip the 5nm Kirin 1000 SoC. The primary camera would sport a freeform design, which might decrease the possible distortions when taking photos in wide-angle modes. 

For now, Huawei users can try to guess the price of its next watch basing it from the Watch GT 2 line range from around $200 to $250 when it first launched. But then again, Huawei might decide to increase the price because of the new OS. 

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