[Video] Watch the Soyuz Capsule Dock on the ISS: Comments Claim that it was Edited?

A famous Twitter influencer, Galactic Curiosity (@GalacCuriosity), has just uploaded a video on the social media platform of a Soyuz capsule in motion. The 17-second video consisted of a space capsule moving towards a docking station. The station, according to Galactic Curiosity, is called the ISS. 

Behind the docking station, the Earth can be seen and it shows the atmosphere around the planet. Clouds shrouded around the Earth, indicating that many parts of the world were experiencing a cool, cloudy day.

The video angle looked to be from the point of view of the Soyuz capsule wherein the video camera was attached to the frontal area of the space capsule. It documented the capsule's approach to the ISS, demonstrating to viewers how space capsules work when operating outside of Earth.


Was the video authentic?

Many people on Twitter mentioned the alleged fact that the video posted by Galactic Curiosity was a sped-up version of the original video. Jan (@janson_r6), one of the commentators, stated that it takes 90 whole minutes for the ISS to revolve around the Earth.

The Twitter user also mentioned that, considering that Galactic Curiosity's video only ran for 17 seconds, the video was indeed a sped-up version of the original ISS video. He also stated in another tweet that he would like to see the original version of the Soyuz capsule docking into the ISS.

People were also amazed by the precision of mathematical equations, formulas, and algorithms set up by the ISS.

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ISS: The Soyuz Capsule

According to NASA's official website, the "Soyuz" is a space term from Russia. It is a type of Russian space vehicle that carries and brings around supplies and materials from Earth to the ISS (International Space Station).

The Soyuz can even bring people into the space station and back to Earth. In terms of running the International Space Station, the two main countries that help each other run it are the United States of America and Russia. As of now, only spacecrafts and space vehicles manufactured from Russia are able to deliver people to the ISS.

The NASA capsule is able to transport three individuals from Earth to the ISS. The space vehicle is also able to bring and store food packs and bottles of water to the NASA space station.

The space agency also mentioned on its website that there is always a Soyuz space vehicle in the ISS. This spacecraft is always ready for any kind of deployment. Soyuz spacecrafts also serve as a kind of lifebuoy in which people on the ISS can immediately access if ever something goes wrong in the NASA space station.

The astronauts within the ISS can enter the Soyuz and use it to get back to Earth should there be any complications within the NASA space station or emergencies back on Earth. The Soyuz space vehicle is launched from the vast plain areas of Kazakhstan. The reason for this is because of its close proximity to Russia.

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