Secret Fortnite Firefly Locations: Do You Even Know How to Use a Molotov Cocktail?

Fortnite's newest item Firefly Jar alters meta of the game. Fortnite has just released its latest patch notes and, this time, the Epic Games launcher game has got a lot in store for fans of the game and gamers everywhere. Epic Games Launcher launches a new item into the Fortnite universe: the Firefly Jar

This incorporation of the Firefly Jar into the internal systems of this online video game changes the meta in which this game is settled on at the moment. This article will be explaining the different locations and key areas to find these Fortnite firefly locations.

Molotov Cocktail: The Definition

A molotov cocktail, as Merriam-Webster defines it, is a type of bomb that is contained within a bottle. The contents of the container are usually some sort of liquid that is highly flammable and an improvised wick.

Since wicks are not usually at everyone's dispense, people often fashion a rag as the molotov cocktail's wick. The rag will then be lit up with fire and tossed to an area of one's choice, granting area-of-effect damage to the place in which the molotov cocktail exploded.

Popular video games such as The Last of Us 2 and Left For Dead utilize the flammable improvised weapon in their gameplays.

Fortnite's Newest Meta Changer: The Firefly Jar

The Firefly Jar is, in all aspects, Fortnite's own version of a molotov cocktail. When playing the shooting battle royale game, one will eventually notice that there are many throwable items within the game.

This new item gives players the ability to throw it to a nearby area. The molotov will then give out area-of-effect damage to the area or opponent in which it is thrown. Each Firefly Jar contains 40 points of true damage. A player may equip three of these bad boys into his/her inventory.

Epic Games Launcher has categorized it as a rare item that spawns in locations a player would have to find for themselves. Gamers can retrieve this item in three different ways: obliterating Marauders (Fortnite NPCs), within Loot Llamas (as a prize), and incarcerating Fireflies. 

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These Fortnite firefly locations are found in the forest and camp areas of the Fortnite map. Players have stated that it is difficult to find these Fireflies and Firefly Jars. This is due to the fact that Epic Games Launcher has decided to classify the new Fortnite item as a rarity.

Some have even played five matches straight in order to search and find opportunities to craft Firefly Jars. Fortnite gamers have also mentioned that the game mode "Team Rumble" does not feature the new item. One can only find these Fortnite firefly locations in Solo, Duo, and Squad queues.

When capturing Fireflies, one can walk around the woody and campsite areas of the map while equipping their jars on-hand. This instance will allure the Fireflies and, ultimately, lead them into a player's jar.

The east part of the area of Catty Corner showed sightings of the mysterious Fireflies. Other places that had Firefly sightings are Holly Hedges, Rickety Rig, Frenzy Farm, and Lazy Lake.

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