Secret iPhone Tips And Tricks Apple Didn't Let You Know All This Time: Adjust Flashlight Brightness, Set A Timer, And More

Many technologically-inclined iPhone users have found many secret tricks you can do with an iPhone that most iPhone owners have no clue exist. Examples are a built-in tape measure and a document scanner.

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Below is a compiled list of a few of the tricks that were found that iPhone users can take advantage of. Here are some secret iPhone tips and tricks that most people don't know about.

Hidden Tips For iPhone Users

Long pressing 0 lets you use a degree symbol

If you don't want to type out the word degrees and want to use the symbol instead, here's an easy way to do it. Hold down 0 on the keyboard until a pop-up pops up, which will show you a degree symbol that you can use.

Change how bright the flashlight is

To dim or brighten your iPhone's flashlight, you'll need to get to the Control Center. Once the Control Center is on-screen, hold down the flashlight icon. Holding it down will cause a pop-up to show where you can adjust the flashlight's brightness by moving the slider up and down.

Holding down period lets you use an ellipsis

If you want to type an ellipsis, instead of typing three periods in a row, you can hold down the period on the keyboard and a pop-up will show you an ellipsis that you can use.

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Quickly set a timer

To set a timer quickly, you'll need to get to the Control Center. Hold down on the timer icon and then there will be a slider that you can adjust to the precise time you want the timer to be set.

Erase the last digit in the calculator in one swipe

While using the calculator, you can easily delete the last digit by swiping your finger across the numbers. It will cause the last digit to disappear.

Measure anything with the built-in tape measure

With the Measure app on your iPhone, you can measure almost anything in real life. The app takes advantage of augmented reality to act as a ruler or tape measure.

When you use the app, you'll have to move your iPhone around the object while facing it so that it can analyze it thoroughly. Ensure you follow the instructions the app gives you.

Move the cursor while typing using the spacebar

When you're typing and make a typo, it's often a challenge to go to the right place where you can fix your typo precisely.

You can slide your finger right and left on the spacebar so that it can move the cursor right and left.

Scan your documents and turn them into a PDF

Using your iPhone, you can scan any of your documents. You will have to use the Notes app and then click the notepad in the bottom-right corner of the app.

When you open a new page, you can use the camera then opt to scan a document. Lay down the pages that you want to scan onto your phone. Take a picture of each page, which you can then save as a PDF file.

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