Did Christopher Nolan Really Not Allow Chairs On His Movie Sets?

Christopher Nolan is the director behind the wheel of a large amount of highly praised blockbusters of modern times. According to an actress that worked with Nolan on two of his movies The Dark Night Rises and Interstellar, Anne Hathaway, she thinks she knows one of the reasons Nolan has reached great success. The reason she is talking about is that Christopher Nolan doesn't allow chairs to be placed on his movie sets.

Nolan Doesn't Like Chairs?

During an interview hosted by Variety with Anne Hathaway, which she did during a one-on-one interview with Hugh Jackman, who was her co-star in Les Miserables. She stated that the philosophy of Christopher Nolan can be simply summarized in a particular way, which is that people will sit if there are chairs and people aren't working if they are sitting.

The Catwoman actress also said that he has created amazing movies in terms of the scope and emotion and technical prowess and ambition. Nolan's movies always end up getting finished ahead of schedule and the budget isn't fully used. This success implies that there might be something important with his disallowing of chairs on set.

If you're a fan of Nolan's movies, you'll remember that Hugh Jackman starred in the 2006 Nolan film, The Prestige. However, he didn't mention if there was a ban on chairs on set back when he was acting for that film.

Something to take note of is that movie sets are usually busy and filled with crowds of people and the cluttered area. The most prominent seating is reserved for the people at the video playback area with the cluster of monitors. The stars of the movie have their trailers where they can rest while the set has downtime.

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Tenet Is Nolan's Next Big-Screen Brainchild

The next big-screen creation that Nolan is crafting is Tenet, which is an ambitious spy movie that seems to involve time-bending. It will star John David Washington as well as the future actor of Batman Robert Pattinson. Most people don't know what the movie will be entirely about, and even the lead actor claims that most of the cast were confused about the movie's plot.

Preview of Tenet
(Photo : Warner Bros)

It's unfortunate but due to the current world situation, it's a challenge to pinpoint the precise theatrical release date of Tenet. Similarly to numerous films and television shows, the release date of Tenet has been delayed multiple times because of the global COVID-19 pandemic.


Reports have said that Nolan wanted to release Tenet on theaters in July, but Warner Bros. delayed the movie to August 12. This delay has lead AMC Theaters to delay their planned reopening until the end of July.

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