[Viral Video] Throwback Thursday: Remember the Good Old Sony Walkman? 41 Years Ago Today, this Device Changed Music Forever!

More than 40 years ago, Sony created a musical invention that changed the way music was played: the Walkman. This device opened countless doors of various opportunities to new innovations on how to listen to music and, ultimately, the way people relax and spend their free time.

The prominent Japanese electronics and gaming equipment company recently posted on its official Twitter account a throwback video on the Walkman. Sony's tweet attached with the throwback video was captioned with "41 years ago today. Your music, anywhere you want it. #Walkman #thelookback."

The video is nine seconds long and consisted of a woman inserting a cassette tape into the Walkman. She then plugged in her headphones to the device and put them on, pressing play after placing them on her ears.


The Twitterverse reactions

People on the Twitterverse, in a general scope, projected a positive outlook on the video. Many were immediately hit with nostalgia and reminiscing the times they used to carry around the Sony gadget.

A lot of people were also urging the electronics company to bring back a modern version of the Walkman. If that is not possible, a music application for the gadget would suffice them.

Several people were also referring to Star-Lord (Human Name: Peter Quill) from the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy to the Twitter video, stating that Quill would be bawling when he sees the video.

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The Veteran of Music Players: Sony's Walkman

According to a source, before the creation of music players, the way people listen to music was familial. People would gather around radios and boomboxes and jam to whatever music was played by various radio stations. 

It was nearly impossible to listen to music in convenient ways and places such as the train when going to work or relaxing in a coffee shop. The Walkman was created by the Japanese electronics company Sony Corporation in response to that matter. People, at this point, were able to listen to music individually and vibe out by themselves.

Sony created the music player 41 years ago. Initially, these devices were only available in the aforementioned Asian country. However, after a year of production, the company decided to expand its market and export the music player to other countries. One of these countries is the U.S., bearing the pen name "Soundabout."

After almost two years of creating the Sony music gadget, the company was able to manufacture approximately two million individual pieces of the music player. The Walkman was fairly large, forcing listeners to hand-carry the device or attach it to their belts, should these people be wearing belts at the time they are using the gadget.

Since then, this Sony music player took the entertainment industry by storm. However, the hype started to die down when Apple's iPod was released in 2001. From there, it slowly faded away from the hearts of people, Sony eventually ending its production of the Walkman in 2010.

Where to buy?

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