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[Viral Video] Dancing Lightning Spotted in the Polish Capital, Warsaw!

By Urian , Jul 03, 2020 12:33 AM EDT

Looking to the sky for beauty is something we usually do on a sunny day but when it's dark, most people stay inside and don't mind the sky unless it is full of stars. What about the beauty of lightning?

A recent video has gone viral showing just how beautiful lightning actually is as they seem to be dancing in the sky above the Polish capital of Warsaw. The video shows a very symphonic clip along with soothing background music that might make you a little less afraid of lighting.


Lightning and thunder

Most people confuse both lightning and thunder although they are two very separate things despite going hand in hand. Lightning oftentimes refers to the physical light that we see while thunder refers to the loud crashing noise that we hear.

Most people are scared of the loud noise of thunder as it gives quite a jolting sound which they oftentimes confuse as lightning. The video shows consecutive flashes in the sky and if you weren't too scared of the sound, it would make for quite a beautiful sight as the sky seems to be dancing.

Nature's beauty

It's hard to turn away from the natural beauty of nature, whether it be going to the beaches, climbing a mountain, enjoying a field, or if you come to think of it, maybe even lightning or the rain.

There are only a few people who enjoy the rain and who enjoy lightning and they are often associated with being sad or dark. Why is that? Naturally, most people have negative connotations about the darkness despite it only being the lack of sunlight.

Most people do not realize that a shadow is only caused when something is blocking the light in front of it. This is something that most people fail to realize when thinking about darkness.

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Another thing about the darkness that most people fail to realize is that naturally, night is temporary as we basically just rotate around the sun. This is one reason why lightning is amazing because, despite the darkness, light flashes every once in a while.

The viral video shows how constant lightning might not be too bad if you look at it with a different perspective and just try to enjoy how beautiful the sky is made because of it. Lightning doesn't have to be scary, it could even be something to look forward to.

The viral video

Although most videos that go viral usually tend to be about something a person or animal did, it is really rare that a video goes viral showing the natural beauty of nature. This is something that this video has achieved.

The viral video shows dancing lightning and is something not a lot of people appreciate but if you take a closer look, you'll be able to see just how beautiful it is.

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