Elon Musk Claims Hydroxychloroquine was Actually Effective Vs. Coronavirus and that Current COVID-19 Numbers are "False Positives"

As Elon Musk joins the race towards finding the perfect coronavirus vaccine, another shocking Tweet has been posted! In a Twitter discussion with Kimbal Musk, Elon expresses what he thinks about the coronavirus.

According to his initial Tweet, the Tesla CEO said that we are currently seeing field false positives that are much higher than the lab false positives that range about 5% all the way to 10%. Elon also commented on the article shared by Kimbal saying that the article claims that testing went all the way from 100k to a whopping 600k, which actually means a 6-fold increase of those false positives as well.

Misinformation and conspiracies with regards to the coronavirus?

It was also said that Elon guessed that most of the cases, especially those cases with "no symptoms", are in fact false positives. According to Business Insider, Musk has been spreading misinformation and conspiracies about the virus on Twitter.

Elon Musk even stated that the highly controversial hydroxychloroquine which although had positive output in the early days of being tried out but had later on been disproven to be effective on the coronavirus.

An article from the Wallstreet Journal was shared by Musk indicating that hydroxychloroquine is indeed effective versus coronavirus and that certain studies find out that covid-19 patients can, in fact, benefit from taking this anti-malaria drug during the early stages of their illness.

The article shared by Musk argued that the study, which actually analyzed the medical records of a little more than 2,500 Covid-19 patients, suggested that the anti-malaria drug was in fact effective but only if given during the really early stages of their contracting the virus, and only at the right dose.


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The discontinuation of hydroxychloroquine

Other studies, however, have not yet found any benefit, and the federal health officials finally withdrew the drug's authorization for sudden emergency use.

Just last month, the country's National Institutes of Health stopped its clinical trial of the hydroxychloroquine, concluding that this drug was in fact very unlikely to help the hospitalized patients. Even the Food and Drug Administration revoked its own emergency-use authorization for both chloroquine and also hydroxychloroquine for the absolute treatment of the whole Covid-19 disease after they were concluded to be most unlikely to help combat the disease.


Elon Musk is treading dangerous waters again as more articles are being written about his alleged "misinformative" stance when it comes to the hydroxychloroquine and also his stance of the reported positive cases when it comes to the coronavirus is falsified. 

These sharp statements about the coronavirus have gathered much attention since not only is this a sensitive matter, it is also a matter that many countries are desperately trying to get out of in order to properly restart their economy.

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