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[Fact Check] The Truth Behind the Viral "New Killer Insect" that 'Spreads' a Deadly Skin-Altering Virus: Is There Such a Thing as Trypophobia?

By Urian , Jul 03, 2020 10:37 PM EDT

A recent warning has gone viral about a "new killer insect" that allegedly is capable of spreading a horrible skin-altering virus when you touch it comes out as just a prank!

Back in January of 2016, a wide array of social media users began to encounter a particular item warning that a brand "new killer insect" was in fact sighted in India and has harbored a virus capable of spreading through touch and able to circulate throughout the whole human system in just a matter of minutes.

The insect along with the deleterious effects of its own virus was actually graphically shown in certain accompanying images, the later of these were depicted in a certain hand with a visible large number of small holes poking throughout the palm and the fingers.

Fake images

The images were found out to be indeed fabricated and combined two different elements and disparate life forms in order to produce a visceral response from the viewers, famously exemplified with the photograph of a supposed breast rash that was caused by a particular South American larva that was in fact actually a melding of another human breast along with an image of a simple lotus seed pod.

The images circulating of the allegedly virus-infected fingertips is apparently an example of the final effects of excessive use of computer and was in fact merged with another photograph of fingers with certain images of lamprey mouths.

The "insect" that was shown in the picture is, in fact, real but it is just a giant water bug, a common creature found somewhere in North America, India, and also in South Africa and is claimed to be harmless to human beings.

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The fake trypophobia

These particular types of faked images can sometimes claim to play on certain viewers who have a case of trypophobia, which is defined as the "pathological fear or holes." Although a number of people have claimed to experience this certain type of disorder, it is still not covered in any scientific literature or even listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

On certain websites and blogs circulating online, people who are self-diagnosed trypophobes share their own tales of vomiting, anxiety attacks, sleep loss, and others at the mere sight of certain objects just like honeycombs or even rotting wood. According to them, the fears are in fact haunting and disruptive to their normal daily lives.

On the other hand, the medical world has not yet officially embraced the phobia as something real. Trypophobia is also not listed in any of the major dictionaries. There have been attempts to add this trypophobia to the Oxford English Dictionary and even to the extent of establishing a Wikipedia page but they have both been rebuffed because of the lack of research with regards to this subject.

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