[Android Update] Users Now Have Dark Mode in G Suite Apps: Here's How to Enable It And Why It's Important

More and more apps and software are a new dark mode treatment, which is a better, more comfortable alternative to the default white user interfaces that most apps and software have.

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An announcement from Google has revealed that the G Suite collection of apps, which comprises Sheets, Slides, and Docs, will receive support for the system-wide dark mode that Android has. Google claims that the dark mode option will make the apps more comfortable to use in environments with low light levels, and it will also help save battery life of the users' phone.

How to Enable G Suite Apps' Dark Mode

If you want to turn system-wide dark mode on, the process to do so isn't complicated at all. You will have to activate it in the settings menu of your Android device. You can also independently enable the dark mode of the G Suite apps by going to the Menu, Settings, Theme, then select Dark when you're using either the Sheets, Slides, or Docs apps.

The dark mode for Google's e-mail service Gmail also works with the system-wide dark mode. However, if you want to view an e-mail, file, or document in light mode temporarily, then you can do so by going to More, then select View in Light Theme to get the light theme for that particular document, file, or e-mail temporarily.

There will be a delay for many users before they receive the update, but some Android users will most likely have the dark mode update on their devices already. Google is rolling out the changes to Android devices in less than a month. Keep in mind that the feature is in the extended rollout, so it might take more than a month for a select few users.

There hasn't been any announcement yet saying that the iOS versions of these Google apps will receive the dark mode treatment, but it might happen soon.

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What Are The Benefits Of Dark Mode?

There are great benefits to using dark mode, here are a few examples:

Having dark mode on will improve your health and well-being. If you have light mode on all the time, you will start to feel eye strain, which will hinder the release of melatonin in your body. Melatonin is the hormone that you need when you sleep.

Car dashboards nowadays are blue since that suppresses melatonin secretion, which keeps the driver awake and alert. When we use our devices without using dark mode, our eyes become tired and dry quicker than if you had dark mode turned on. Having low melatonin levels has been linked to an increased risk of obesity and a few cancers.

Having dark mode enabled on your device can also save power on your device. The display won't have to exert full power to keep the brightness high, which will mean less energy usage. OLED screens will have better power efficiency with dark mode as it turns each black pixel off entirely, which means fewer pixels to power on at a time.

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