Xbox Series X Event: All The Games You Can Expect To See

An insider of the video game industry has given a tease of what Xbox One fans, Xbox Series X fans, and Xbox fans, in general, should expect in the Xbox Games Showcase that Microsoft is holding later this month.

Xbox Games Showcase
(Photo : Microsoft)

On July 6, Microsoft announced that the once-rumored event would be happening on July 23.

What is The Xbox Games Showcase?

As of this article's writing, almost all of the Xbox showcase's official details aren't known yet. An example of a missing detail is the length of the event. However, a detail that is known is that the showcase will be centered on Xbox One and Xbox Series X games, and the event will focus on the latter as it is the next generation of Microsoft's video game console.

The insider mentioned above has given people a tease on a few of the possible games present during the showcase.

Let's get the confirmed games out of the way first, though.

Microsoft has confirmed that the new Halo, Halo Infinite, will be appearing at the showcase, and those who have been wanting gameplay of it will be getting what they were hoping for in the event.

Another game that's confirmed to be present is Psychonauts 2 from Double Fine, but it's safe to speculate that we will be getting a new trailer and release information on the game.

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What Does The Insider Say About The Showcase?

Jeff Grubb of Venture Beat is the insider that has teased the games that could show up during the showcase.

According to Grubb, Rare's new game Everwild, Age of Empires IV, Wasteland 3, Hellblade II, and a new entry to the Forza series will be seen during the Xbox Games Showcase.

Grubb has also teased that the open-world game from Playground Games that haven't been discreet or secretive will finally be unveiled during the showcase. Many rumors say that the game is a Fable reboot or a new installment in the Fable series.

Grubb's report stated that The Initiative's debut game seems like it won't show up during the showcase, contrary to rumors and reports that previously talked about the event.

Unfortunately, there was no mention at all of Obsidian, which rumors have stated are working on an RPG filled with ambition. Rumors said that they would be revealing what it is during the showcase, but it looks like that isn't the case.

The report also states that Mojang Studios, the developers behind Minecraft, won't show or reveal anything.

Grubb has confirmed that games from third-party developers will be shown, but the specifics weren't revealed. However, what should be noted is that the rumored Xbox Series S won't have anything about it during the event, and the Xbox Series X's retail price and release date won't be revealed or talked about at all.

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