Upgrade Your Zoom Experience with the New MmHmm!

The American online video conference platform Zoom Video Communications will be receiving an update on its visual interface. According to an article by The Verge, video chats will turn out to be more fun to do as the online world continues to thrive during these times.

Upgrade Your Zoom Experience with the New MmHmm!
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Upgrade Your Zoom Experience with the New MmHmm!

Zoom Video Communications will be improving its video conference (or chat) systems with its newest byproduct: Mmhmm. This new outcome by the American online platform has brought upon almost $5 million, with Sequoia Capital piloting the protocol for Zoom's latest investment.

This new product is an online camera application that has the resources to be utilized by many online video conference and video streaming platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, Youtube, Twitch, and the like.

What You Get With Mmhmm

Once Mmhmm is activated, it will serve as an online room wherein a digital stage is the main act. Similar to online platforms that offer video chat and conference services, it provides users with a broad selection of backgrounds that they can use.

There are a few purposes to these backgrounds. One of them is to be able to express one's self while video chatting with others. These virtual backgrounds are also used to spark up topics with others online as these backdrops will entice and intrigue viewers.

Another reason as to why these backgrounds are worth fussing over about is because it can also be used in the business setting. When engaging in business video conferences, there are distractions in the backs of these people (kids running around, pets cuddling up to their owners, etc.).

These backdrops can be utilized to block out these kinds of distractions behind people who are in the video conferences of their companies. Mmhmm does not stop there, however. This application also provides users with features that can manipulate their faces and what other people can see on the video screens of others.

People are given the flexible option of arranging where one's face should be, the sizing of a person's display image, and even ultimately erase his/her face from the video screen itself.

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Star Wars Universe!

This virtual camera application has also included an iconic filter that is reminiscent of the Star Wars universe: the futuristic holographic figure! The user will look like the holographic versions of themselves.

Mmhmm also gives hosts the option to make collaborative presentations with other people in an online video conference. Both parties can display pictures on their screens for everyone to see at the same time.

Moreover, presentations can also have the interactive feature embedded in it. Users can do other things such as pause presentations to look closer into specific slides while the host of the video conference is presenting a video.

As of now, only the beta version of Mmhmm is released for macOS users. The mobile application and availability for Windows users will be ready sometime this year.

This application was created by AllTurtles, an American startup company that launched three years ago. This was created in response to the global health pandemic COVID-19.

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