Ninja Shifts Career? The Celebrity is Now Playing Fortnite on YouTube

Popular video game streamer Ninja will now be video streaming his gameplays on YouTube.

Tyler Blevins, also widely known as Ninja in the gaming community, will now be releasing videos on his gameplays on various video games more frequently on his YouTube channel "Ninja." The prominent Fortnite player who was more active in other video streaming service platforms such as Twitch suddenly surprised everyone when he started playing Fortnite on YouTube.

In a certain cryptic tweet out on Wednesday, July 8, Ninja seemed to drop some hints of a particular announcement. His own fans started thinking that he might have just revealed the particular kind of big-dollar contract that one would expect from certain baseball or even basketball stars.


The Twitch celebrity will now become a YouTube celebrity

Instead, Mr. Blevis, who was soon left without a particular online home when the streaming platform Mixer suddenly announced in June that it would soon shut down, started playing video games on YouTube live and even promised fans that there will be more streams to come.

Mr. Blevins previously stated in interviews that he would definitely like to be as well known as a certain basketball star by the name of LeBron James. On Wednesday, the 10th anniversary of the very day that Mr. James decided to sign on with the Miami Heat, Mr. Belvis also did the first livestream on his very own YouTube channel.

He then appeared with shocking electric blue hair alongside some of his friends and played one of the most popular games today, Fortnite. At its very peak, there were already more than 160,000 people that tuned into Mr. Blevin's new 97-minute livesteam.

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How rich is Ninja?

Fans along with gaming news sites were then quick to declare that the popular Ninja or Mr. Blevins had finally permanently landed on YouTube, but there were many that pumped the breaks as well when it became quite unclear as to whether Mr. Blevins had actually signed a deal along with the company.

Loyalists towards Twitch, the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform, have actually begged Mr. Blevins to "come home" to this platform, which he actually used as he skyrocketed towards stardom a couple of years before he even signed a deal with Mixer, which is currently owned by Microsoft.

Blevins, who was previously claimed to make more than $500,000 per month from streaming along, already has over 14 million followers on his Twitch alone, the most on the platform, despite failing to be active ever since he left to join Mixer sometime last summer, reportedly bringing in $20 million up to $30 million in the whole process.

He already has nearly 24 million different YouTube subscribers, although he also said on his own stream that he had definitely never gone live on YouTube right before Wednesday.

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