YouTube Star Nicole Thea Perishes Along With Unborn Son

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, people are now staying at home more than ever to keep themselves from getting infected. 

This world has seen enough death and we don't need any more of our family and loved ones going ahead of us because of the epidemic. 

Nicole Thea
(Photo : YouTube)

However, there are even some cases that cannot be explained like in the case of Nicole Thea who passed away Saturday morning because of unknown circumstances. 

According to the Daily Mail, the street dancer turned influencer Nicole Thea, who was 24, was nearing her due date and had been sharing her pregnancy journey with her 123,000 Instagram followers and her YouTube channel. Nicole shared makeup tutorials aside from uploading dancing content for her followers. 

20-year-old Jeffery Frimpong also known as street dancer Global Boga posted a video of himself dancing with a pram early on Saturday saying that their son might arrive on Monday. 

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The announcement of her pregnancy was posted on her Instagram page last April feeling overjoyed saying that they can't hide this secret any longer giving thanks to the Creator who has given the couple their biggest blessing.

"Can't believe this bubba will be half of me and half of the loml. Honestly, has been the best support EVER and GOD made no mistakes making him the father." read the Instagram post adding how they are obsessed over their "miracle baby" thanking him for allowing them to be his parents and best friends. 

The last video posted to Miss Thea's YouTube featured her sharing a behind the scenes look at a pregnancy shoot in a bath full of milk --it was posted the hour before news of her death was announced on her Instagram account. 

She died before she was to celebrate her 25th birthday which will be about 2 weeks from now with a number of fans have paying tribute to her. 

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