Solar-Panel Bed Cover Boosts Renewable Energy Use in Pick-Up Trucks

Solar-Panel Bed Cover Boost Renewable Energy Use in Pick-Up Trucks
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Worksport has announced its solar-panel bed cover for light-duty pickup trucks that will provide users with a meaningful energy source minus the carbon footprint.

Over the next few years, electric pickups will hit the market. Thus, accessory companies such as Worksport are coming up with innovations to cater to this emerging market.

Solar-panel bed cover for gas-powered pickups

Recently, the Toronto-based manufacturer unveiled its latest product - TerraVis. Worksport's new product is a game-changer indeed. Well, first of all, its a bed-mounted, folding tonneau cover. However, it is more than just a bed cover. TerraVis comes fitted with solar panels. These solar panels will allow the foldable bed cover to absorb sunlight and then transform it into electricity. Now, that would be great to have, especially when you are in a place where there is no access to a power outlet.

The company said that it designed TerraVis solar-panel bed to fit with today's gas-powered trucks. Specifically, TerraVis is compatible with 2010 models and newer ones. That is not all. Worksport also anticipated the advent of electric pickups. Thus, they made TerraVis compatible with the upcoming electric truck as well. The company said that it would provide a slight boost to the electric truck's driving range.

CEO Steven Rossi talked about this in his statement. He explained that everyone is moving towards solar power and renewable energy sources. And that includes the pickup market. He said the system is designed to provide a "meaningful source of energy" for electric trucks.

Following the announcement, the company said it is already finalizing an agreement with a U.S.-based electric truck manufacturer. The partnership will allow Worksport to be the Tier One OEM supplier for the forthcoming electric truck. Worksport is expected to disclose the details about the partnership soon.

Interested buyers will still have to wait, though. Reports say that TerraVis might hit the market in a year or two.

Electric pickups to hit the market soon

Electric pickups are indeed coming. At least eight electric pickups are expected to hit the market come 2021. Are we ready for them?

According to the Observer, we could expect the arrival of the first-electric pickup early next year. However, it will not be a Tesla or a GM Motors pickup. The report said that it would come from Rivian, an Amazon-backed startup.

The CNBC report said that Rivian is expected to be among the first to deliver an electric pickup to the market in 2021. The company managed to raise $2.5 billion in funding and is reported to be already setting up assembly lines.

Not be outdone is Tesla. The company revealed that its electric pickup model would come in three versions. These models are Single Motor RWD, Dual Motor AWD, and a Tri-Motor AWD. The Dual Motor and Tri-Motor are expected to hit the market next year. Meanwhile, the Single Motor version will be delivered in late 2022.

It is early to say if these vehicles will attract buyers who are not necessarily a fan of pickup trucks. Electric vehicles are still a relatively new concept for many. There still concerns about their range and availability of charging locations.

With electric pickups coming, who knows how much interest they would generate. That remains to be seen.

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