Air Purifier Masks Help You Breathe Easier

Air Purifier Masks Help You Breathe Easier
Air Purifier Masks Help You Breathe Easier Photo : Denis Jung

Air purifier masks are quite new in the market. Sure, we're already accustomed to N95 masks and other variants. But a mask that is even battery-operated? This really isn't a surprising move from most tech companies. Admit it or not, face masks are here to stay. There are currently different face masks offering different levels of protection. This writer hasn't tried all of them yet but from personal experience, most of them are not that comfortable to wear. This is understandable since their main function is protection of the user and/or those around the person. Comfort and design aren't often prioritized. It's either you find it difficult to breathe or you feel fatigued when wearing them for extended periods of time.

Air Purifier Masks by LG

During IFA 2020, LG introduced its PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier. It's primarily a face mask, but unlike Bane from Batman, you won't have quite a difficult time breathing through it. It promises fresh clean air for the wearer, up until the batteries die of course. It does this by using two H13 HEPA filters paired with dual fans that run on a rechargeable battery.

The PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier mask also has a neat function. Using LG's patented Respiratory Sensor, it can automatically adjust the overall settings based on the user's breath cycle and volume. Both fans have three speed settings. These adjust whenever the wearer is breathing in or out. This makes it easier for users to breathe normally without putting too much effort.

Though the battery for the mask is a mere 820mAh, LG mentions that it's sufficient for eight hours' worth of filtered air.

Even if LG's Air Purifier Mask covers both the nose and mouth, it will still be comfortable to wear for long hours. When it's not in use, it can be put back in its dedicated case. It will then be recharged while being put under UV-LED lights. The latter helps in killing germs before the mask is worn again.

LG also planned ahead and linked the mask's case to its ThinQ iOS and Android mobile app. Wearers will be informed once the HEPA filters need to be discarded and replaced.

But does it work?

When LG announced its PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier, it didn't really make any mention about COVID-19. However, it heavily hinted that the mask was designed and made for it. The air purifier mask is designed as a replacement for homemade masks and even disposable ones. Take note though that LG made no claim that its mask helps in slowing the spread of the coronavirus. LG is still waiting until testing and certification are completed so that it can give the full rundown of its latest health product.

There's no fixed date yet on when these new breed of face masks will be available but LG says it'll be available in select markets later this year.

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