Surprisingly Easy Steps to Bring Back the Old Facebook

Surprisingly Easy Steps to Bring Back the Old Facebook
Surprisingly Easy Steps to Bring Back the Old Facebook Photo : Kon Karampelas

The old Facebook user interface has been, for years, remained relatively unchanged. Sure, there were new sections and features that were added as time went by. They were significant in terms of overall user experience but they didn't contribute that much to how Facebook's layout would look like. At its core, the main UI stayed the same. We've been all too familiar with the white and blue website. Understandibly, the sudden changes have made it quite confusing, if not totally difficult, for most users.

During its initial testing phase, users were given the option to try out the new look. If it wasn't able to suit their liking, they can simply opt out and return to how things looked before. That was before. Now, there's no going back. Once your account has fully migrated to FB's new look, you won't have an option to revert to how the social-media giant's interface looked like before.

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There's still hope

Changes are inevitable. Most happen because of good intentions and the need for further improvement. At the moment, we're not really quite sure how Facebook's new user interface plans to achieve these but we're happy to give it a chance. Well, not really 100% happy. We're not sure if we just have issues with the new interface's learning curve but it's really quite confusing to use.

Thankfully, there's a Chrome extension that can save the day at least for the time being. Just head on over to the Old Layout and install its browser extension. Thank you, Matt Kruse, for such a helpful extension.

It's really easy to set up. Just download it and install. No further tweaking is required. Every time you fire up Facebook, it will automagically use its old look.

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How does it work

There's really nothing complicated, from a coding-standpoint, about the extension. Let us just be clear that despite this "simplicity", we're greatly thankful it exists. The extension tricks Facebook by thinking your browser is an older version, which the new layout does not support. Truly, simple solutions often solve complex problems.

Be wary though. If ever you see strange notifications about having to update your browser, it's safe to ignore those. There's nothing wrong with your internet browser. It's just tricking FB that it's an outdated version.

Old Facebook look: Is it here to stay for good?

Don't celebrate yet though. There's no assurance this browser extension will forever guarantee having the beloved old Facebook look. Once new updates come rolling in, as in the case for most social networking sites, there's a high chance it'll be rendered useless. But then again, hopefully someone by that time figures out another workaround.

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