Articuno Is Making a Comeback to the Legendary Raids | Are You Ready to Catch It?

Articuno Is Making a Comeback to the Legendary Raids
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Articuno is making a comeback to the Legendary Raids.

Trainers will now have a chance to challenge the Legendary Bird, Articuno. The Ice/Flying Pokémon will be featured as the Legendary Raid boss for an entire week from September 18 to 25. 

Keep in mind, though, that Raids have no specific set schedule, so check your notifications to see when it is time for battle. Better yet, be on the lookout this September 23 for Aticuno Raids during Ninatic's regular Raid Hour event from 6 - 7 p.m.

Articuno strengths and weaknesses

Being a Legendary Level 5 Raid Boss, Articuno will be an Ice and flying type Pokémon. 

As an Ice/Flying Pokémon, it is doubly weak against any Rock-type Pokémon such as Rhyperior, Golem, and Terrakion that inflict damage and resist Articuno's Flying-type attacks. Just be careful, though, with Golem and others that are also part Ground-type Pokémons as they are weak against Ice attacks. And their Ground-type attacks won't be effective against a Flying Pokémon.

Articuno also has a single weakness against Fire, Electric, and Steel Pokémon. Heatran, for example, can resist Ice and Flying attacks while Charizard Entei, Metagross, and Cobalion can be awesome challengers to the Legendary Raid boss as well. Now, remember that Articuno will also have double resistance to Ground and single resistance to Bug and Grass. So, avoid these types if you want to stay in the game for long.

Articuno counters

The top Articuno counter overall is Shadow Tyranitar. You will have to use a Smack Down and Stonedge combination to be able to maximize Shadow Tyranitar's potentials. Another Shadow Pokémon you can use is the Shadow Omastar with a Rock Throw and Rock Slide combination.

The best non-Shadow counter for Articuno is going to be Rampardos. It can inflict quad damage to Articuno with a Smack Down and  Rock Slide combination. However, it is not going to resist Ice and Rock moves, so expect a decent amount of damage.

Ranking second is Mega Charizard Y. While it is weak against Articuno's Ancient power, it won't slow the powerful Mega Charizard Y down. You would need a Fire Spin and Blast Burn combination, tough, against Articuno.

How many trainers will it take to beat Articuno?

You may battle Aricuno with two Trainers using top counters. However, if you are missing top counters or if you are a lower level counter, there should be four or five Trainers.

Now, as to how the weather condition will  affect the Articuno, here is a rundown.

  • Clear/Sunny - Fire-type counter are going to be super strong against Articuno..

  • Partly Cloudy - This will boost all Rock-type counters, and so is Articuno's Ancient Power. So, using any Fire-type counter is not recommended.

  • Cloudy - There will be no effect during this weather condition.

  • Rainy - This will boost Electric-type counters.

  • Snow - Snowy weather will boost all Ice and Steel-type Pokémons.

  • Fog -  There will also be no effect during this weather condition. 

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