Diablo 4 Gameplay: Returning Fan-Favorite Characters

Diablo 4 Gameplay: Returning Fan-Favorite Characters
Diablo 4 Gameplay: Returning Fan-Favorite Characters Photo : Diablo 4 Blizzard

Diablo 4 gameplay should still be the same compared to how previous installments of the franchise are played in general. There are of course certain game elements that will be added, removed, or totally change once the final version of the game is ready for official release.

The world of Sanctuary

One in particular is the overall appearance of the game. Its predecessor, Diablo 3, has this desaturated look. It has a seemingly dark but cartoonish appearance. Heck, there's even a unicorn-themed secret map (no cow level here folks unless you wait for the Darkening of Tristam Quest). Diablo 4 in contrast, will have a much grittier but at the same time, gorgeous in-game world. There are simply too many environment details that are hard to miss from falling debris to realistic destruction of in-game objects. The developers really did a good job in giving Diablo 4 gameplay a more modern look and approach. Traversing a map is no longer linear. You can climb down cliffs or jump down to certain areas. And enemies can do those too.

Being the fourth installment of the popular dungeon crawler franchise, fans and players alike will again be treated to hours of endless exploration and item looting. Players will set their feet again on the world of Sanctuary. A new threat has risen and this time, it's not the Prime Evils. Rather, it's the mother of creation herself, Lilith.

Diablo 4 gameplay will revolve around an open-world map that's comprised of five distinct regions-Kehjistan, Hawezar, Scosglen, The Fractured Peaks, and the Dry Steppes. To cover large distances, players can use horses or maybe other mounts. The overworld map is fixed but in true Blizzard fashion, the dungeons will remain randomized. Suffice to say, no Diablo 4 gameplay in the same dungeon will ever be the same. There's a new addition to the game-camps. These are locations that were taken over by enemies. Once they're cleared, NPCs will appear offering new options or even quests for the players.

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Diablo 4 gameplay: What are the starting characters?

There will be three starting classes in Diablo 4. And all three offers a level of customization in terms of their physical appearances.

Barbarians are always a popular class in the Diablo franchise. Their main attribute is strength and vitality. They can switch between weapons while in combat. And their toughness makes them the perfect brawler/tank in the game.

The Sorceress makes a comeback in Diablo 4. We last saw this class in Diablo II and its expansion, Lord of Destruction. Intelligence is the primary attribute of this class. The Sorceress can wield her magic staff to cast elemental spells that can either be offensive or defensive.

Lastly, we have the Druid class, who once again returns from Diablo II and its expansion. The Druid can change from being a human to being werewolf or werebear forms. He can also cast earth- and storm-based spells.

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