Porygons for Pokémon GO Community Day Festivities: Players Rejoice

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This year's Pokémon GO Community Day festivities will offer Porygons to all. This has created excitement amongst Pokémon GO players. The festivities will focus on the evolution of Virtual Pokémon. Initially, this was a top ticket prize at the Game Corner in both Pokémon's. 

This pocket monster appears as an uncommon hatchling from a 5km egg mainly because Pokémon GO doesn't have any casinos. However, today Pokémon has something special. Porygons will be available and ready for collection. This exciting move will give players the opportunity to interact with Porygons.  

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Porygon is the focus of today's community day. It emerged the winner after beating other options such as Grimer and Charmander. Porygons are not a featured player in Pokémon's franchise. This is due to its association with children's seizures in Japan. This episode of the anime had a negative effect on the bird-like program. Pokémon's official Twitter account made a statement on the event. It said that "Porygon did nothing wrong." Although this will not get Pokémon back on the anime, it's a good indicator. It shows that Porygons have a part to play. 

Secure, Capture, and Collect Porygon

Catching Porygon in the wild is one part of the festivities. This also applies to the rare shiny variant. Both will be moving in the streets of player towns. All this is outlined in the Pokémon GO blog. Once the player gets the Porygon2 handy, they can evolve to a PorygonZ. This will give them access to the Tri Attack. This has never happened in Pokemon GO. It signifies a major leap by the Porygon family. 

Players can also secure their capture during the Community day festivities. There are various options for purchase. You can spend up to 1,280 Poké Coins for a box with Ultra Balls, TM, six Lucky Eggs, and three Incense. However, incense items are active for only three hours. If you purchase a box, you'll be sorted for the whole day.  

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Players will also get a Special Research story for $1. This allows players to uncover the evolution of virtual Pokémon with Professor Willow. This story also helps players to evolve a Porygon to PorygonZ. These items can be accessed in daily challenges.

The Porygon Community Day is a special treat that will keep the ball rolling. This will also keep the game engaging. The game is currently at its best. However, the game cannot send players on outdoor adventures. But players can collect pocket monsters over the course of 2020. These festivities will strengthen the bond in the community. Players will also get to experience something different. Porygon is a perfect representation of the times we're facing. Most people are spending most of their time at home. It's a perfect time to collect Porygon.

Pokemon GO made a tweet on 20th September, announcing the big move. It said, "Did you know? This month's #PokemonGOCommunityDay will be the first time that Tri Attack will be available in Pokémon GO! In Trainer Battles, Tri Attack has a chance of lowering the opposing Pokémon's Attack and Defense."

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