Ghost of Tsushima Saved Files on PS4 Will Be Playable on PS5, Developers Confirm

In a tweet, Sony's subsidiary company revealed that a PS4 copy of Ghost of Tsushima would be playable on PS5 via backward compatibility. On top of that, there will be an extra option to boost the game's frame-rate to 60 fps!

"#GhostOfTsushima will be playable on PS5 on day one via backward compatibility, and you'll be able to transfer your save from PS4 to pick up where you left off!" the company tweeted.

"PS5 owners playing with Game Boost will see an extra option to allow frame rates up to 60FPS, and while loading speeds on the PS4 are already great, just wait until you see them on the PS5!" they continued.

Ghost of Tsushima is already a great game with beautifully-rendered graphics on PS4, so that a PS5 upgrade will serve the game justice.

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How does transferring your Ghost of Tsushima save files work On PS5?

According to PlayStation's Official Blog, transferring a save file data from PS4 to PS5 works using LAN or WiFi connections. Other options you have are to connect them via the external USB storage device or sync them through PS Plus cloud storage.

PS4 games on PS5 will see a fully-improved loading speed, frame-rates, and dynamic resolution up to 4K resolution.

Unfortunately, backward compatibility only works for PS4 games, meaning that PS3, PS2, or classic PS1 games will not be playable. Several games with "PS4 only" noted on their titles, like TT Isle of Man - Ride on Edge 2 and Shadwen, will also absent from PS5.

However, fans don't have to worry because Sony promised at least '99%' of PS4 games would be available on PS5.

PS5 consoles come in November in two editions, digital-only (starts at $399) and with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive ($499). Sony has chosen several lucky fans to pre-order a PS5 before its initial release.

Both editions offer the same gaming experience. The only difference is that a disc drive would be absent from the digital-only version, but you can still access your PS4 library on the disc drive version.

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Ghost of Tsushima: Story, Features, & More

As the title suggests, Ghost of Tsushima is set during Japan's feudal era in the 1270s. You are Jin Sakai, a fully-devoted samurai, and you promise to protect Tsushima Island from the invasion of Mongols.

Upon its release, Ghost of Tsushima saw massive success. According to EuroGamer, it became the fastest-selling physical game in its debut week in the UK. Sucker Punch scored an impressive 2.4 million unit sales within the first three days worldwide. Could it become a Game of the Year contender?

Ghost of Tsushima is exclusively available on PS4.

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