The Sims: Crazy Challenges to Make Their Lives Harder

The Sims: Crazy Challenges to Make Their Lives Harder
The Sims: Crazy Challenges to Make Their Lives Harder Photo : eagames

The Sims 4 has been one of my go-to games whenever I want to relax a bit and explore a virtual world where I am in total control of what's happening around my online persona. The game offers lots of great content but admittedly, once you've cleared most of the challenges and gotten the major achievements, playing this great simulation game can get quite ordinary from time to time.

So, what better way to spice up things by trying to clear certain challenges that would literally make your Sims' lives a living hell, at least sort of.

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The Sims: Challenges that'll test your patience

The 100 Baby Challenge

The goal here, on paper, is quite simple - have 100 babies with the least generations possible. Players start with just one Sim that needs to give birth to many babies as Sim-ingly possible. Take note that this will involve having multiple Sim partners. Once your Sim can no longer fulfill its child-bearing role, you will pass this somewhat terrible family tradition to your eldest daughter.

This may seem really easy but the challenge involves not having your babies up for disposal. You cannot surrender (most of) them to social services. You have to raise them ALL until they reach the right age that they can move out. And oh, you cannot hire a nanny. Yes, you need to do all of those tasks alone.

The Black Widow Challenge

This challenge requires you to meet a special someone and get married. And when everything seems to be going fine, you need to get caught having an affair. Where's the fun part in that? Well, you need to get your new spouse's simoleons by killing him/her.

And you can't stop with just one. It has to be 10 tombstones credited to you. It's quite a lucrative approach at living comfortably so the Sims who decide to take on this challenge no longer needs to have an eight-to-five job.

Be wary though. You can't seduce someone who is already wearing a wedding ring since you won't be able to get their money once you kill them. It will also be up to your creativity on how you'll trap and dispose your unwilling victims.

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The Rags to Riches Challenge

This one is self-explanatory. You will start this challenge by having a single Sim with no friends and no Simoleon. The end goal is for your The Sims 4 character to have a home, family, and overall good life.

Now this challenge has been around for the longest time so depending on your skill level, you can self-impose certain sub-challenges that could make this challenge much more, uhm, challenging. Most seasoned players set certain criteria that must be achieved prior to reaching a milestone.

The Legacy Challenge

This Sims 4 challenge is a bit similar to the previous challenge but with a small but long twist. You still start off with a Sim who hasn't gotten anything under his/her name yet. But instead of making sure your Sim survives all the game's challenges, there's also the challenge of being the forerunner of 10 generations of Sims that are in their own ways, successful like your original Sim.

The Legacy Challenge's goal is to build a family. Once that's achieved, the next step is to accumulate wealth. Lastly, you need to pass those riches to your Sim's children. You just need to repeat the same cycle up until you reach your Sim's tenth family generation. This means, you need to keep a careful watch on how all of those descendants will behave. Ageing cannot be turned off and you cannot re-do certain mistakes in your decision-making process.

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