Accident: Play a Sleuthing Journalist in This Unique Simulator Game

Accident is a sim-game that lets you take a journalist role stuck in bizarre old car crashes. You must help the victims, gather evidence, and reconstruct the incident to get the full picture.

Developed by PlayWay SA, Glob, & Duality, Accident is a must-have if you're in search of fun sim-games that educate you on first-aid assistance.

Accident: Premise & Features

In this game, you're playing a journalist investigating car crashes. But first, you will need to check on the victims and perform first-aid and CPR as necessary. Stop the bleeding and put the victims in a recovery position.

However, you must make quick split-second decisions and choose who you must save first.

If you didn't get to save all the victims, you still have a chance to rewind the time and redo it all over again. This time, choose your decision wisely before the time runs out.

To get the full picture, you must reconstruct the tragedy using shreds of evidence found and scattered around the crime scene. There are various scenarios to play, with each plot offering a unique background on the table.

For an indie game, the graphics in Accident is beautifully rendered. Details of snow, woods, and the crash are very pleasing in the eyes.

Accident: Play As A Sleuthing Journalist In A Unique Simulator Game
(Photo : PlayWay/Steam)
Become a journalist who researches old car accident cases. Help victims and perform first aid, obtain evidence and reconstruct the events to discover what really happened. Provide first aid, control the bleeding, check for pulse and put them in recovery position if you can. Do whatever is necessary depending on nature of the emergency.

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Where to Download Accident

Head over to the game's official Steam account here to download Accident.

The game is yet to be released in the first quarter of 2021, but for now, you can participate using Early Access. The current version includes 7 missions and different levels, although the developers are always looking to improve the game.

This way, you can play the game as it develops, report bugs, and give your suggestions. You can participate in the discussion on its Steam page or its Discord server, which can be accessed here.

"Players will be able to provide us valuable feedback in a simple way—game has it's own feedback system where you can leave your opinion or report a bug," said the developers. "All new ideas and feedbacks are really important to us, because we want to improve our game as much as possible." 

A 15 percent discount will be applied upon a full game's pre-order purchase before its release date.

iTechPost - Accident: Play a Sleuthing Journalist in This Unique Simulator Game
(Photo : PlayWay/Accident)

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Can My Laptop Run Accident?

The good thing is, you don't need to sacrifice an arm and a leg to run Accident on your PC or laptop.

Accident runs well on Windows Vista SP1+, Mac OS X 10.9+, Ubuntu 12.04+, and SteamOS+. A 4GB RAM and an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz are necessary. To support its graphics, you only need NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 470 at 1GB or ATI® RadeonTM HD 6970 at 1GB and DirectX 11.

The game doesn't really take up much of your storage, as 17 GB of available space is enough to support the game.

Accident will be released in 2021. An Early Access version is now available on Steam.

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