Cobra Kai: Unexpected Titles Join Netflix's Biggest Shows & Documentaries This Year

Cobra Kai is among unexpected titles to join Netflix's biggest series and documentaries this year, as its Q3 financial earnings call revealed. 

The Karate Kid's spin-off joined Netflix after its acquisition from YouTube back in June 2020. 50 million accounts have tuned in during the first four weeks of its availability on Netflix, which triggered a third-season expansion next year. 

Parrot Analytics reveals that the spin-off saw a 110 percent increase in interest by August 23 until 29. The series debuted three years ago on YouTube Red, now rebranded as YouTube Premium. Its original movie, The Karate Kid, was released back in 1984 and has seen several reboots and sequels. 

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What Are The 2nd Best Series & Documentaries?

People are stuck at home amidst the coronavirus pandemic, making Netflix one of the best ways to escape the crisis. 

As Tech Radar reported, Ryan Murphy-created horror drama Ratched follows Cobra Kai with a staggering record of 48 million viewers. Starring Emmy-winning actress Sarah Paulson, Ratched follows the story of asylum nurse Mildred Ratched in 1945. 

As of this writing, the second season of Ratched is in development. The first season premiered on Netflix last September. 

The Umbrella Academy makes the third spot, with 43 million viewers in the third quarter. Lucifer, Tom Kapinos-written urban fantasy series, produced 38 million views. 

Speaking of documentaries, The Family Next Door reached a milestone of 52 million views. Tech docu-series, The Social Dilemma, also made a remarkable number with 38 million viewers. 

The Social Dilemma takes you on a terrifying journey of how big-tech corporates sell their users' data for paid advertisers and make them addicted to the app. 

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Best Movies In Netflix At the Moment

The current coronavirus crisis has stopped so many movies from filming and producing; hence we'd take anything we can get. 

The Old Guard attracted 78 million views, while Project Power made second place with 76 million views. Millie Bobby Brown-starred Enola Holmes is also on its way to hit 76 million viewers later this month. 

Despite this, these titles still have a lot to go to top Netflix's most-watched movies of all time. Netflix exclusively revealed to Bloomberg the list of the platform's most-watched movies OAT last July. 

Extraction topped the list with 99 million, followed by Sandra Bullocks-starred Bird Box with 89 million and Spenser Confidential with 85 million. Albeit none of them made Metacritic's top-10 highest-rated Netflix movies, these numbers don't lie. 

However, with interest among these titles arising, it's safe to expect that one or two could snatch the record away.  

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