Wayne Brady Addresses Dangers of Social Media After Teen Daughter Receives Inappropriate Messages

Comedian Wayne Brady demands better tools from tech giants to prevent 'grown men' preying on underage girls. 

Although social media giants like Twitter and Facebook have done their best to tackle pedophiles and online harassment, sexual predators continue to tiptoe around. 

While social media has helped to connect people during the current pandemic, there is no denying that they also make it easier for abusive pedophiles and online trolls to connect. 

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"Tell That to Your Cellmate"

Speaking during The Talk podcast, Brady is disappointed with the way social media handle the issue. The Grammy-nominated host has a 17-year-old daughter, Maile, from his relationship with Mandie Taketa.

The parents monitor their daughter's DM and eye on a grown man sending her inappropriate texts. Brady said that his daughter's mother was talking 'back and forth' with one of them until he realized that it was her instead of Malie. 

Mandie then confronted the person, and he told her that he's recently broken up with his girlfriend and started eyeing Malie. 

"That doesn't mean anything. You tell that to your cellmate when we put you in jail. You can talk all about your post-breakup relationship then." 

Although Mailie is already 17, her parents feel the urge to protect their beloved daughter's virtue in the alarming age of social media. Mailie will be 18 in February, so for now, the parents have to monitor her social media. 

Since the start of the pandemic, Brady and his 'nuclear' family have been quarantining together. Brady married Mandie Taketa, a dancer, back in 1999 and had the daughter four years later. Unfortunately, the two separated in 2007 and decided to co-parent their daughter since then. 

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Safe Environment for Children

Brady is committed to creating a safe environment for children on social media and planning to take the initiative. He simply can not comprehend why preventing these sorts of messages does not get the same treatment as hate speech and catfishing. He called out social media giants to make tools available to deal with 'these reprehensible people.'

One in 25 young social media users receives online sexual harassment, as research from the University of New Hampshire revealed. The predator then would try to make off-the-phone contact. Only 5 percent of predators actually pretend that they're kids, while most blatantly reveal that they're older.  

As social media usage arises, the number could go up and up, and it's up to the parents and the tech giants to take responsibility. 

As of this writing, Brady is gearing up for three special episodes of Let's Make a Deal to celebrate essential workers amidst the pandemic. 

What are your thoughts on Brady's statement? Check out the full interview here

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