You Can Now Get Back the Old Google Logos You Love

Nobody likes the new Google logos, except for its designers. Luckily, this new Chrome extension will let you revert the icons back to what they were before rebranded last October. 

Italian designer Claudio Postinghel has made a Chrome extension to restore the old Google logos, as The Verge reported. Since its release, the product has made the first most-wanted on Product Hunt.

"It's simple: the new icons are all the same. The old icons are way more recognizable. You can have them back," the extension reads. 

To do so, all you have to do is head over to Postinghel's website, and it will provide you with a link to Chrome Web Store. Its Firefox version is coming very soon. 

Let's be real; we are not the only person who has lost their Gmail, Drive, or Calendar tabs because of these confusing changes. We have Postinghel to be thankful for this simple yet useful extension. 

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User Reviews and Comments

Yes, the Chrome extension works just fantastic. The comments and reviews on Product Hunt have also been impressive. 

One user wrote that she had lost count of how many times she missed her Gmail tab in an ocean of open tabs before downloading the extension. Others were also confused by the perplexing new color schemes. 

A colleague of Postinghel revealed that he initially made it for himself. Still, he was then persuaded to make it public. 

However, the designer is still open to renew the extension, and there may be some update coming in the near time. 

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What Went Wrong With Google Logos?

Earlier in October, Google made a radical move by replacing the logos of its iconic products, like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and many others in the suite. Unlike the old symbols, the new ones are predominated by blue, red, yellow, and green brand colors. 

The decision was to support the full revamping of Google Workspace. After this, Google may merge Gmail, Chat, and Docs into one massive location.

Since then, many users have experienced troubles, but it is safe to expect that this will probably not last. Replacing icons that are already familiar with rainbow-looking icons is downright a terrible move. Thanks to its horrible shapes and confusing color wheels, you now have to take a closer look to know what a logo represents. 

"This is the moment in which we break free from defining the structure," said Google VP, Javier Soltero, as reported by Fast Company. 

"And the role of our offerings in terms that were invented by somebody else in a very different era," he added. 

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