Zoom Approves Removal of 40-Minute Limit in Light of Thanksgiving

With COVID-19 still ongoing and just around anywhere, Zoom will temporarily remove its 40-minute limit on Thanksgiving for free users so families could spend more time together amidst the lessening of social gatherings. The company announced this on their official Twitter account.

The COVID-19 toll in the U.S. continues to rise, making parties and gatherings, especially on Thanksgiving and the holidays, may seem impossible. But thanks to video communication tools like Zoom, families and friends could almost feel the vibe of being together, even just in a virtual stance.

Zoom being a profitable application or software, imposes a time limit for free users. Upgrading to have a Pro, Business, or Enterprise Zoom account means the user must pay with no time limits involved in these cases, and additional different features added depending on the type of subscription a user would avail.

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The Zoom Pro Account costs 14.99 USD per host a month, with perks such as unlimited one-to-one meetings, unlimited meetings, unlimited group meeting duration, web and video conferencing. The higher account type, the Business Account, would cost 19.99 USD per host a month.

The perks include the same as the Pro Account but can have up to 10 or more host accounts. The other one, the Enterprise Account, is also the same price as the Business Account, having perks the same as the first two types but can have up to 100 or more host accounts.

The video communications and conferencing tool has been used already on a worldwide scale. But way back then, like any other company, it went from the low points all the way to where it is today.

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Zoom's Performance on the Market From Then and Today

Zoom was usually used for company meetings and only having a smaller number of users. Yet today, it has found an immense hop on sales when users all around the world now rely on Zoom as their means to continually execute live events, talks, forums, webinars, conferences, shows, and performances, or just for casual chitchat and use, all due to the social distancing and mass gathering prevention protocol caused by the pandemic.

Schools, private and public companies, government and non-government organizations today have subscribed to Zoom's upgrades to fully maximize the tool for the so-called 'new normal' setup for those aspects of society.

Zoom has gained over 635 percent in sales this 2020. That is such a humongous rise for the company, or any other company would do, finally having its biggest break ever since it was founded in 2011. Now considered part of the new way of living and dealing with the pandemic, Zoom may still rise to the occasion as one of the most profitable companies of 2020. 

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