The Disney Plus Movies Families Could Choose Best for Thanksgiving

Disney Park Holiday TV Special
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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and watching movies with the family is one way of celebrating it. Disney Plus, Disney's online movie and show streaming platform continually grows its subscriber base worldwide. Here are some movies best to be watched on Disney Plus this coming Thanksgiving:


Who would not love Miguel and Mama Coco? The Mexican themed 2017 Pixar hit, even only existing for three years so far, is now already considered a classic. The adventure of Miguel in the spirit world, meeting his ancestors and realizing his love for family and music really touched the hearts of many. Plus, the iconic songs and official soundtracks (OST) in the movie, including Remember Me, one could not only just watch but also listen to the songs all day. Watching Coco with the family this holiday season is definitely a great experience and will surely make Thanksgiving a heartwarming one.

The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2

Another family oriented series of Pixar animation movies, The Incredibles and its sequel The Incredibles 2 might be good fit for Thanksgiving as it may bring 'nostalgia', especially to those who watched it in the cinemas way back The Incredibles' release in 2004. Yet for first timers who would watch it, it is still refreshing with its unique storyline, astounding visuals, and of course, Jack-Jack. Followed by its sequel it will spice up the Thanksgiving experience even more.


The ever lovely yet fierce princess Mulan has been a common favorite among young girls who are fans of Disney Princesses. The songs and music are also listen-worthy, with 'Reflection' topping it and is considered as a Disney song anthem. The 1998 classic remains as one of Disney's most watched movies, and its live action counterpart is nearing its release this December also in Disney Plus. Streaming the original Mulan film is also a great warm up for those who will watch Mulan 2020.

Freaky Friday

The live action Disney film where the mom-daughter duo turned out to be the daughter-mom duo — Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan's Freaky Friday is a fun and comedic treat for the family, especially the moments where they already exchanged bodies.

Big Hero 6

The futuristic Japanese inspired animation film is another great option for the Thanksgiving. A quality mix of action, drama, comedy and cool superhero stuff, Hiro and Baymax along with their friends could be something worth watching for especially for anime and manga enthusiasts.


The award-winning 2009 Pixar animation film may only spell two letters on its title, but no amount of words could some up the emotions and drama in this film. Also, the adventure of Carl and Russell is not just your ordinary adventure. It is something big, wild and crazy. Of course, Eli is always inside Carl's heart.

Inside Out

Another award-winning Pixar animation film to cap off this list is? Yes. Inside Out is another family treat filled with literally a ton of emotions - happy, sad, angry, disgust, fear, name it. The roller coaster of emotions in this film is just colorful. The parents' relationship to Riley when growing up could mirror a family's day to day situation. A lot of things can be learned in this film, yet the entertainment aspect blends with it naturally.  

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