Getting Ready for Valorant: The Practice Mode Map 'Range'

Valorant Analyst Maniac
The Swiss analyst gets ready for the 2020 Valorant First Strike Qualifiers Europe Photo : Screenshot from Valorant's Official YouTube Channel

Valorant, the free to play multiplayer tactical first person shooter game created by League of Legends developers Riot Games has been considered a breakout game this 2020, and one of the most sought after first person shooter (FPS) games to date. With its futuristic setting and characters that has skills on its own, it is one of the factors that keeps Valorant apart from other established FPS games that are more military themed and close to real-life action and combat.

With the playstyle that likely originated from the legendary Counter Strike series of games, Valorant somehow developed its own touch on their first ever FPS game. After their extraordinary dominance with League of Legends as the most played multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game of all time, Riot games tried something different in a way, but their signature fantasy and skill-based game elements has given Valorant its own identity.

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The Riot Games made FPS blockbuster has different game modes available. It has the Standard Plant/Defuse where players may play as an attacker or defender that could last for 30-40 minutes. It could be classified as Normal or Ranked games, where the players' rank being on the line is the difference. The Spike Rush mode adapts the Plant/Defuse set-up but is faster to play that costs only around 8-12 minutes.

The Deathmatch however, lasts 9-10 minutes or finishes whenever someone bags 14 kills. 14 players are set on a randomly selected map and are equipped with guns that are of their choice from the shop. And last but not the least, the Practice Game Mode, where, like the word itself says, players get to practice their skills on different game aspects.

Currently there are 16 maps available in the game - Five for Ranked matches, five for Normal matches, Five for Deathmatches, and one for Practice. Range is the name of the only map available for the Practice Game Mode.

Road to Victory Begins in Practice Mode's Range

Range offers a variety of aspects vital for the game, especially if someone would really jump in the real game. Players can experience here the Shooting test, Spike Planting and Spike Defusing.

Aiming to your opponents in matches is probably the main thing a player must always keep in mind, especially kills are the in-game priority. Practicing and further harnessing a player's shooting is deeply compared as 'sharpening a samurai's sword' - and in Valorant's case, it's the shooting that requires utmost preparation because it's not only the gun equipped that is the weapon, but it is more of the player's shooting. No matter how great a gun is if its user has poor shooting skills, it is just useless.

Range provides targets for a player to target and practice his or her shooting. Settings in this mode are adjustable, allowing a player to customize difficulty levels. The more difficult the level of the practice game, the higher the chance of further enhancing the shooting skills.

Spike Planting and Spike Defusing both revolve with the spike. In this practice mode, players get to experience the other winning options of the game. Spike Planting's objective is to take control of the site by planting the Spike and defending while waiting until it detonates. Spike Defuse on the other hand sets the victory by methodically defeating the opponents while defusing the Spike before time runs out.

For sure the attacking team or the one associated with Spike Planting will be more offensive. That is why the defending team must greatly defend with precise defense, as well as their offense to bounce back, and must try their best to defuse the Spike.

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