[WATCH] AI Disses Mark Zuckerberg Using Eminem's Voice

Eminem is known for his braggadocio and deadly pen game when it comes to destroying personalities. He doesn't care if you're the United States president or a Superman actor — nobody's safe from Slim Shady's talent.

YouTuber Calamity AI, which focuses on AI development, and 30HZ, a deepfake music maker, created a fiery diss track against Mark Zuckerberg in Eminem's raspy and shouty voice à la 2004. An AI model does all the lyrics and recordings.

"We inputted the title 'Mark Zuckerberg Diss in the Style of Eminem' and let the AI write the rest. From there, we sent the lyrics to 30HZ, who synthesized and created the vocals," writes the video description.

Check out the full end product here.

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How Does It Work?

Calamity AI put "Mark Zuckerberg diss in the style of Eminem" on Shortly Read, a website with an AI that lets you generate length paragraphs. Then, 30HZ used Google Tacatron 2, a hyper-realistic human-like text-to-speech generator, to replicate Eminem's iconic flows.

Can it be used to create an entire, hour-length album? The answer is yes, as well as there are lyrics.

As the audio samples reveal here, Tacatron 2 works perfectly on rarely used and tricky words, even to a degree of perplexing medical terms like 'otolaryngology' and 'membrane.' The technology understands semantics, punctuations, and intonation.

The AI is an open-source code used to expand humanity's knowledge in artificial intelligence, but the concern of deep fakes helping in spreading hoaxes are always there.

Last October, a deepfake bot used by sex predators and addicts to undress women surfaced on Telegram. A report by Sensity AI revealed that over 680,000 women were targeted. 

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Hillarious, Nonsense Lyrics

Although the AI did an excellent job at nailing Eminem's impression, the gibberish lyrics fell short, and they had a little-to-slim chance of winning an actual rap battle against Slim.

Some bars are straight-up nonsense and shallow. They sound like one of those "Yo mama" maternal insult an 8-grader would say.

For instance, the AI calls Zuck a 'computer, weaboo!' but also, "I'm also a computer, and I don't let guys give me handies." Other mind-boggling examples are, "You got no bite, but the way you bark, is kinda hot," and, "You're so hairy, you're getting hairier every day."

It's been one hell of a year for Eminem, apart from the bizarre technology that could create an entire album based on himself.

The rapper surprise-released his 10th consecutive number-one album, Music to Be Murdered By, earlier in January 2020. He made a surprise performance at the Oscar Awards later, and he's been rumored to have a new project with Dr. Dre in the vault.

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