Twitch Streamer Literally Falls from Seat as He Damages Prestigious Pokemon Card

Pokemon TCG's Latest Expansion "Vivid Voltage"
Photo : Screenshot from The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel

A Twitch streamer went viral after literally falling down his seat as he opened a Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) booster pack containing a prized and prestigious card on the game, in which, he intentionally bent before the reveal, damaging what could be something that might potentially give him thousands of dollars.

This week, Twitch streamer Wesbtw who is known for streaming Pokemon themed content, including video games, and in his viral video's case - the TCG. His content mainly centered on opening car packs from a booster box from Pokemon TCG's latest expansion, the "Vivid Voltage" that he ordered. Also, a portion he included in his stream was the surprising "twist", or challenge he mentioned, wherein he offered to intentionally bend some of the card packs if a viewer would donate an amount of 50 USD.

With someone taking his challenge and donated the streamer's desired amount, Wesbtw responded to his own made challenge, and bent some of the card packs he is also supposed to open. One of the card packs that he bent however, contained a "Rainbow Rare" Pikachu VMAX card. To his surprise, he literally fell off his seat while streaming. His disappointment after being embarrassed on a live audience went viral on the Twitch community, as he lost a what could be considered a "treasure" in the Pokemon TCG community.

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His "Rainbow Rare" Pikachu VMA could have a value up to 200 USD having the ungraded status, and a potential 1,500 USD if somehow be graded officially. The card contained a permanent crease after being bent by the grieving-like streamer. He was almost hysterical and rolled up the floor because of his dismay to the situation and to himself as well. Despite being cheered by the viewers through sending gifts to his channel, he really cannot hide the loss he took from his own challenge to his self.

The Undeniable Prized Card Values of Rare and In-Demand Cards

TCG players, card collectors and enthusiasts may somehow understand what the streamer has felt at the time of his stream, or maybe even after that. The value of Pokemon cards really goes up high - as in way up high in bucks, depending on the card's demand if it is mainly used as a core card in tournaments, or as a collector's item in which the value could really sum in a lot of money that it can buy a car or a house.

A mini-first edition shadowless holographic Charizard was recently sold at an auction where famous rapper Logic ended up the winner, taking home the prized card at a coveted value of his 183,000 USD bid. The value of the card skyrocketed due to its rare to minimal chances of appearance on booster packs when it was released, raising the demand for the card, and as years passed, was established as a collector's item definitely worth the gold.

On the world of TCG, cards like the auctioned Charizard, where its value goes as much as the Pokemon card's prize, or even more is already a thing. Card collectors and enthusiasts would really take chances on bids such as those, and to preserve possible valuable cards where its demand on its present day usage is already high, and might just go even more as time passes by. 

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