iPhone 13 Rises to the Occasion as Apple Insider Teases Possible Upgrades Amidst iPhone 12 Hype

Apple Insider Jon Presser on his Apple 13 Updates
Photo : Screenshot from the Front Page Tech's Official YouTube Channel

The iPhone 12 has now been making waves of actual use, resulting into the different reviews and feedbacks based on experiences of some of its users. But even the hype is still clearly being seen on the market today, news about its expected successor, the iPhone 13, is already surfacing the internet, and could showcase next level technology.

Confirmations about the upcoming iPhone headliner were spilled by Apple insider Jon Presser first via his Twitter post, and then followed by a more specific and detailed reveal on Presser's YouTube show entitled Front Page Tech.

He confirmed that not all iPhones for next year's release would have the port-less feature, but one is sure to have it. He also implied that "transition is coming'" mainly speculated that he was referring to the newly introduced MagSafe, the wireless power transfer accessory-attachment standard which debuted on iPhone 12, is the "bridge between lightning and [portless]", pointing out that the company tends to keep the trend of not giving it all, as compared to the universal USB-C for non-Apple operated phones and mobile gadgets.

As a known Apple insider for years now, Prosser firmly mentions that the source of his updates is legitimate, and the revelations concerning iPhone 13 as of today are already been planned for months now.

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The Latest Features from the iPhone 12

As for iPhone 12, the current iPhone on the lease is well received by avid iPhone users and consumers. Critics and review sites also expressed their impressions on the newest addition to Apple's mobile phone line. Known tech and pop culture site, The Verge,called it a "beautiful, powerful, and incredibly capable device."

Some distinct features of the recently launched phone include the Super Retina XDR OLED that is a huge upgrade to its predecessor iPhone 11's Liquid Retina HD IPS Panel; the 5G network supporting capability, which is the latest broadband standard for cellular networks; and the introduction of MagSafe in the commercial market.

Yet a downside by iPhone 12 being criticized by some is its recognition system. Face ID is the only available biometric option to unlock the device, which, in today's situation, does not suit users that are often wearing face masks. Only the second-generation iPhone SE that was released in April this year had an alternative biometric option in the form of the Touch ID, a well-known system using fingerprints as a tool of biometric recognition.

Another one is the phone's low battery life capacity, compared to iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and older models from Apple. The advancement brought by MagSafe utilizes only an amount of 15 watts when it is charged and will remain as a negative outlook for the phone itself.

Fans and critics expect iPhone 13 will continue to inherit the advanced features introduced by iPhone 12 but they hope that its improvement would also be based on the current issues they experience upon using its predecessor. 

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