Microsoft Spills Previews of Future Releases; Updates on Windows 10X, Android Apps Accessibility Included

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Multi-tech company Microsoft has yet to officially reveal plans for 2021 as the year end nears. The company's latest launch is the Xbox X/S series that happened last November 12. On their main operating system (OS) however, for the Windows 10, an upcoming update in the form of the Windows 10x could just arrive for the next year. It is also teased that Android applications might be featured in the Microsoft zone as well.

In May this year, it was announced that Windows 10X would feature a modified use interface that is designed to be something that could be usable on dual-screen laptops and PCs. Although it was sure to run on single-screen devices, as the company released a statement regarding the Microsoft upgrade, mentioning that they are still "looking for the right moment" , with their original equipment manufacturer or OEM partners participation to fully develop and eventually bring dual-screen technology of their won available to the market.

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With the year nearing its closure, it is likely believed that Windows 10X would not be available for release this 2020 but is expected to make its debut come first half of the coming year. A tight competition with the existing Chrome and iPad OS is already seen as the upcoming Microsoft OS would make its way to the ARM-based computer systems which is being used by most people, organizations, and companies today.

More Updates on Microsoft's Future Releases

Meanwhile another news about the future of the Bill Gates founded company are surfacing the internet based on Windows Central's update. Applications that run only on the Android mobile operating system are said to become available and would work on the existing and upcoming Microsoft operating systems.

As seen on the schedule presented, Microsoft is set to release the x86 emulation program. It is designed for regular desktop programs to be workable and could run efficiently on ARM-based computer sets.

They are already reported to be on the works to release a minor update on the first half of 2021. The minor update could serve as preparation for a much bigger, major update set on the second half of next year.

The Cloud PC that was announced last July of this year is also a part of Windows Central's report. The high state of the art PC experience brought by it, where a more virtual experience by the Windows OS in partnership with the Cloud PC brand is set for its arrival. With this feature, Microsoft could allow users to access Windows 10 basically anywhere, having just internet connection to utilize programs that often require high resource output, and at the same time the advantage of not using local hardware storage.

The gadget aspect of Microsoft is also getting its hype. Aside from the successful yet limited stocks launch of the Xbox Series X/S this month, the company's dual screen Android phone called the Surface Duo will eventually hit the stores in Europe. The phone is currently available only in the US but could see to drop in the European market around next year's Spring. 

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