Balenciaga to Release New Collection Through Upcoming Video Game

Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow
Photo : Screenshot from Balenciaga's Official YouTube Channel

Paris-based and worldwide luxury fashion company sensation Balenciaga seeks innovation and flows with the rising trend of video games as it sets to launch its next clothing collection in an upcoming video game next month.

The game will be titled Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow and is set in the future timeline of the year 2031. Players will then play with their character or avatar as their in-game representation that they would be able to use to go on a journey by exploring various game zones. Tasks and missions are given along the way, and it must be done to reach the end part in order to succeed in the game. As the press release also states, the game would reward the players by a 'real-life breathing exercise set in a virtual utopia.'

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The Spanish fashion house company stated that their game will give an 'in-depth look at the new collection and the projected future in which it is intended to be worn.' This is where the new Balenciaga collection could see its debut.

As the game is set on a realm of future premises, the collection, which is set for its reveal, could be somehow inclined to a more technology-based, futuristic design. The theme of human destiny would probably be seen visually on both the collection's design and the game design as well, with the company mentioning that is seen through as an interactive, gamified journey.

This is the company's first collection unveiling that would be presented through a video game. But as for experimental releases, Balenciaga already had some in which they incorporated their collection reveals.

Summer 21 Pre-Collection's "Sunglasses at Night"

Their Summer 21 pre-collection that they have announced last October was integrated through an online video where the company's resident composer since Fall of 2017, BFRND, once again headed the musical aspect of the video. This time, it was to the tune of Canadian singer Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night", the 1984 hit which eventually rose as the number 7 song on the coveted US' Billboard Hot 100 charts.

The video was directed by renowned music video director Walter Stern, where it shows models walking the streets of Paris having a runway-like walking gesture on a night setting. Also as part of the collection, aside from their top-notch clothes and bags, the models are literally wearing sunglasses at night to not only present it as a part of their fashion line, but also to give such entertaining value by complementing the Corey Hart song with the video's visual aspect.

Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow is set for a worldwide release on December 6. It would be available to play for browsers and can be accessible for multiple devices for sharing and for solo playing as well. The Balenciaga themed and designed game will be one of the last game releases for 2020, and is expected to be played along by gamers as the holidays and the Christmas season nearly approaches.

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