A November to Remember: Best Console Games Worth Your Time this Holiday Season

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Every year, the month of November sees an engaging experience for the market and the consumers in general. From the holidays to the famous Black Friday sale that has become a tradition already on some parts of the world, the eleventh month of the year is a proven blockbuster moment for many people, especially in video games.

The industry of video games has ben one of those industries that produces high value in terms of revenue, implying a positive outlook on user engagement between console, gadget and game developers, and the fans and users themselves.

On the console aspects, it seems that it is easier for fans to choose which console they would purchase and use. For longer playing time that would make them sit on the couch and play for long hours in front of the tv screen, the PS5 or the Xbox Series X/S could be a great fit. Both of which were released this November, too.

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If they want something portable or a much handy console on the other hand, the Nintendo Switch, or its Nintendo Switch Lite version are both the best choices. This console however was released about two years ago. Yet still the demand for the Nintendo's latest console offering rises especially this time of the year where fans get to have a chance to play more often in the coming holidays.

Its the Games You Play

But other than the console itself, it is also really on the game. No matter which console it is, games are the real difference makers. Each game has its own characteristics, and fans has also their own preferences. But there are games that, in general, has been exceptional that it could almost guarantee an amazing and unforgettable experience for them.

As rated by critics and fans, here are some of the console games that might be worth spending hours to be played with especially this holiday season:

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5)

The game for PS5 featuring the iconic web-slinging hero from Marvel is the sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man released in 2018 for the PS4. From the original Spider-Man Peter Parker as the main character of the 2018 version, the newly released PS5 game is now bannered by the second Spider-Man character Miles Morales.

The plot indicates Morales being trained by Parker, and the apprentice also wears a new suit in the game. It also features new villains such as Simon Krieger, the CEO of Roxxon Energy Corporation, and Rhino to name a few. The game has been received well by critics and fans, indicating that its freshness despite being a sequel brings new energy to the table. Playing it as a new entity or as a part two of the first Spider-Man game, fans could still enjoy this new Marvel treat visually and story-wise.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla (PS5/Xbox)

This is Ubisoft's 2020 addition to its Assassin's Creed series. The open world action role-playing game for the PS5 and Xbox is set on the ninth century England and Norway. The Ubisoft hit franchise is very well-known for its superb narrative and storytelling. And on Valhalla, they continue their astonishing pride of greatly telling the fans and audience of the game's in-depth story.

Their signature past and present connection of narrating is executed in a creative manner, where is features the pre-historic Eivor who serves as the main character of the player, and the modern-day protagonist Layla Hassan. The bonus activities called World Events blends well with the game's main storyline. Long hours are much to be spent on playing this game so playing it this coming holiday season is not a bad idea.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite)

Considered by some as Switch's GOAT (Greatest of All Time), Animal Crossing: New Horizons proves to be as dominant as ever in the Switch console. Being a sales topnotcher, a critically-acclaimed game who won Japan's Game of the Year this 2020 and is now nominated for The Game Awards' Game of the Year prize and two more nominations, and having their own customized and game-themed Nintendo Switch version which has been in demand for quite some time, this game never fails to seize he eyes and the hearts of the fans.

The chill, refreshing life simulator game of Nintendo provides a colorful tone and fun to get along vibe. Released on March this year, the game is still very popular and fans who have not tried this game yet might grab the opportunity to try and play the game this coming holiday season, for it will surely be worth to consume time.

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