NBA Team Phoneix Suns Introduces New Practice Facility Utilizing Top-Notch Technology

Phoenix Suns vs Oklahoma City Thunder
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The teams of the National Basketball Association or the NBA continue to include the use of high state of the art modern technology into their overall development not just as a team but for their players' individual capacities and capabilities as well. As for the NBA team Phoenix Suns, they have managed to pull this off as they now do their practices in the newly constructed Verizon 5G Performance Center which is estimated to be around 45 million USD.

The new facility utilizes the use of technology and analytics to develop and eventually has created a top notch 5G laboratory that could integrate the resources that are separated but now it could be turned into a single unit of a performance indicator-like instrument used to establish a solid connection of the players to the coaches, coaching and team staff through analyzing and understanding the different aspects involved in the sport of basketball, such as movements, speed, accuracy, and their overall individual and team progress.

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Former NBA player and three-time NBA champion James Jones who now serves as the Suns' general manager (GM) indicates that the facility becomes a place wherein it acts as a tool that help improve the team's in-game decision-making, stating that information could help players to be better as the players of the Suns team are really "interested" on the advantages and advancements the team could have.

Verizon's Role in Bringing Top-Notch Technology

Basketball sensor-based systems like Noah Basketball and ShotTracker are being used by most NBA teams nowadays to analyze, develop, and strategize team statistics and performances-based points in order to help during practices and games. These two are also being used by the Suns yet both are used on a separate basis while being equipped with only four cameras at their previous facility.

But the partnership with Verizon, a known America based telecommunications company that focuses on bringing wireless  products and services on hand, the team has now access to a single app. It incorporates real-time processing and coverage through a 5G ultra-wideband speed brought by the combination of the SIMI motion capture service, and both the Noah Basketball and ShotTracker apps all accessible into one data set for the coaches and the staff.

Jones describes this technology as a 'gamechanger.' He also mentioned that delay of information has been a problem for the whole team as it may not give accurate analysis of past games by NBA teams around. The Suns GM sees it to add a lot of efficiency regarding data assets for the team.

Senior Vice President of the Suns' Basketball Operations Jeff Bower said that their new system of technology would give players real-time feedback during practices and practice games that is very essential for the continuing development of their players' overall process. It includes their in-game durability, shot-making percentage and capacity, and player-skill leveling wherein they want to utilize almost every player on their team during games and could always give consistent results during different games and different opponents.

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