Microsoft Partners with UNICEF in 'Primero X' Launch

The Primero App
Photo : Screenshot from Child Protection Innovation's Official YouTube Channel

World-renowned multi-tech company Microsoft, together with the United Nations Children's Fund or UNICEF, has unveiled Primero X - the new and upgraded version of the open-source case management web application intended to help social service providers to locate and coordinate critical support to vulnerable children.

Primero X is the newest version of the original app Primero, which was first released in 2013. The app's main goal and objective are centered around to provide a more coherent yet cost-effective, as well as user-friendly information system tools used for proper management of data and information about social welfare, child protection, and gender-based violence sectors in the society.

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Now the Primero X is making its way to various countries where it is mainly used for a quicker response by their governments and some partner organizations to humanitarian issues, especially those that deal with the vulnerability, safety, and security of children. The Primero upgrade is now being maneuvered from Ghana. UNICEF expects the new version of the app to see the availability of main controls on other countries throughout the world by 2022 and 2025, with the former reaching a dozen countries and the latter at 60 countries and territories where the app could be maximized from its main control source.

The Primero X Upgrades

Aside from the already existing features and characteristics of the Primero app already being established, including its open-source feature, incident monitoring capabilities, case management prowess, and family tracing and reunification help, additional features could now be utilized upon using the app.

Primero X now introduces the app as a progressive web application. The app would now be available as both an online and an offline full-feature web application. Primero sees this upgrade as a "game changer", in which caseworkers and case managers in the world, especially for those who are going to different locations and has low internet connectivity capabilities. Another feature that they greatly consider as an advanced web application feature is its access to any kind of device. The app can now run on the computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone by using its web browser.

The upgraded version is equipped with a self-service configuration. The app describes it to have an easier configuration system and could be localized even with the absence of a third party's support. The users of the app can choose a certain library template that can be used to contextualize forms, lookups, languages, logos, and locations with the help of a much handy and easy to understand interface. Users now also have the access to launch their own live sites that can be seen by internet users that could connect and reach them.

These upgrades could benefit social service organizations and units to come up with more organized programs that could support operations of a diverse global community focused on child protection and gender-related violence cases. 

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