Rumored Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Teasers Spread Online

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
Photo : Screenshot from Samsung's Official YouTube Channel

Photos of the rumored Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has surfaced online. The product will be available on its upcoming release, scheduled early 2021.

The 'designs' of the upcoming Samsung headliner came across the article of leaker Evan Blass from news and current events site Voice. Blass posted images of what has been claimed the official designs for the actual Galaxy Buds Pro.  

The design of the ear buds features a lavender color with a chromatic and reflective variant of shade. Although there are still no confirmed designs for the buds itself, this may be a return for the Korea-based multi-tech company's original design of its buds. Samsung has incorporated its kidney bean design present on their Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, which was their latest release — only last August 2020 through a virtual event. Now it may appear that they will bring back the design that they used on the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

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The report also mentions additional features for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. It is rumored to have a 500Mah battery. It will also have an active noise cancellation feature, according to the reports. The active noise cancellation feature is heavily seen in the AirPods line of products by the Apple Company.

This latest addition to Samsung's continuing rise to the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones market ladder could even solidify the company's mark in the wearable tech industry today.

Even before the leaks by Blass, some documents and reports have already been made, and widely spread on some websites.

Early Teasers of the Galaxy Buds Pro

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has somewhat included the Galaxy Buds Pro branding through its suspected 'model number' that listed as SM-R190. It was shown on a document online, which was also reported by Indonesian telecommunications agency SDPPI. Also, another certification using the same model number was reported through a Korean authentication.

There was also no mention about the upcoming product's official price yet; although the Galaxy Buds Live was priced at 170 USD. Speculations say that it may go a little bit higher than the Galaxy Buds Live price, somewhere around 200-250 USD. Galaxy Buds also have the tendency to be released alongside an upcoming flagship phone, in which the Galaxy Buds Live was launched along with the release of their new phone variant Galaxy S20.

Upcoming releases for Samsung's long line of phone products include the Galaxy S21 series. It would be released through its three different variations, namely the regular Galaxy S21, the Galaxy S21 Plus, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which leaks of possible design also surrounded the social media and internet scene last November. 

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