Tesla 'Can' but Shows No Interest to Join Formula E Racing At The Moment

Formula E Racing
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Tesla, the world's leading manufacturer on the electronic vehicles (EV) industry has seen no interest in venturing for the Formula E racing scene. Yet with their capabilities today, they surely are ready to join in anytime.

The company, as per its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Elon Musk, is currently showing zero interest for them to compete on Formula E. This is somehow a contradicting move to other car manufacturing and developing companies, such as car company giants like BMW, Porsche, and Audi.

The three mentioned companies ventured on the racing scene on its early days of showing. They built and eventually let their developed single-seat, all-electric powered systems to take part on the racing events and championships of Formula E.

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But today, some of the Formula E competing companies have decided to back out and withdraw from their participation in the annual racing and sporting event. BMW has been reported through an article from Bloomberg that the company has officially decided to pullout their team participating in Formula E by the end of the current season.

The reason would have been its shift of focus to the growing and developing market and community of EVs. Withdrawing their entry for the Formula E racing competition and championship series could eventually save the company lots of money which they could use for developing EVs in a more in-depth and thorough manner. It could then return their investments quicker and, of course, a much bigger one.

How Tesla 'Can'

This also may be the reason for Tesla not showing any signs of interest on Formula E racing. Though it has seen obvious results which include Tesla's undoubtedly reign on the EV industry, the company's enormous advancements on developing EVs may just be enough, or even exceedingly at par to really compete in Formula E.

Their passenger vehicles, which are not meant for racing, are already making impressions that it could somehow potentially reach speed of which of a real racing car. Future capabilities of systems they are currently developing include a possible production of 621-mile reach of cars, and their Tesla Semi Trucks which could go up to an amount of 500 miles. All of those are being seen by Tesla to nearly come to reality, and their speeds could just be more than enough to compete in Formula E.

The single motorsport championship series featuring electric cars are being promoted and owned by Formula E-Holdings. It was founded by its now current chairman, Alejandro Agag. He is a Spanish businessman and former politician who is also the chairman of Addax Capital LLP.

Formula E racing began in 2014, where its inaugural racing championship took place in Beijing, China. The FIA or the Federacion Internationale del' Automobile, the organization which was founded way back in 1904 to represent the interests of motoring organizations and motor car users, has governed and sanctioned the very first Formula E racing event. Up until now, they are still in charge of facilitating Formula E events. 

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