New Microsoft Holiday Ad Features Some of the Company's Latest Gaming Offerings

Rufus, the star of Microsoft's Holiday Ad 2020
Photo : Screenshot from Microsoft's Official YouTube Channel

Holiday ads from various businesses and companies are now out and continue to spread both on tv and online, especially on social media sites and platforms. One of which is multi-tech giant Microsoft's holiday ad which focuses on their gaming platforms, consoles, and of course, their self-developed and owned games.

The ad was shown on the company's different social media accounts, including their Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as their vey own YouTube channel. It has now garnered a total of 1 million views combined from all the platforms which they used to release the ad.

The ad stars a dog named Rufus. He is shown to roam around the house where all of the dog's owner family members are busy on each of their own stuff, but all of those are the Microsoft branded apps and devices.

Rufus' Microsoft Adventure

A teenage boy was busy playing Halo on their Xbox Series S console plugged in their tv, the mother was using Microsoft Teams on what it seemed a video conference along with other women, a young girl was busy playing Minecraft on her laptop, and the father was seen to be playing the Microsoft Flight Simulator on his computer pc.

This left Rufus to be somewhat sad as his family were all busy on each of their own doings. He then was seen staring to another dog from the house just beside the dog's home. After Rufus saw it, he then began to sleep, and dreamt of something like how he would do when he was the one to try those stuff that his family members were doing and keeping them busy.

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The dream showed that Rufus and the other dog he saw before he fell into sleep were riding the planes that could be tried on the Microsoft Flight Simulator. After that, his dream shows him, and his dog friend being pixelated and has entered the world of Minecraft. It was followed by Rufus using Microsoft Teams and was leading a video conference call along with some of his other dog friends, and all of them were just barking at each other.

He was also seen to be in the game of Halo, finding a getting a grenade which could explode sooner and giving it to the game's main character Master Chief. They were also seen to be playing in the famous Microsoft greenfield background which became famous on the Windows 2000 and Windows XP OS.

Many gave their comments about the ad. Some find it hilarious, especially on the Halo part wherein some concluded that Master Chief threw the grenade for his enemies, yet Rufus thought it could be some sort of a 'fetch' game and chased it to give back to Master Chief. Even his face is covered with his helmet, it seemed like he was somewhat surprised and confused by what Rufus did as seen from his gestures and posture, and the fans really loved it.

However, there were some who seemed to be sad for Rufus as his family seemed like did not have much time to play for the dog. Yet Microsoft's ad may be somehow had drew mixed opinions and views, there is no doubt that all of their offerings this year especially for the holiday season are worth trying for, especially on their gaming side. 

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