Japan- and China-Based Companies Continue to Develop Flying Cars Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

A flying car
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The competition to produce flying cars continues to rise especially on some parts of Asia, with countries such as Japan and China soaring as top contenders to the race.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic still giving a hard time for most companies and businesses all around the world, some of the auto manufacturing and technological companies have found use on the time the pandemic-brought lockdown has indirectly provided for them to develop and focus more on some of their already existing techs, but also paved the way for creating newer kinds of technologies which could continue to see further improvements in the coming years.

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One of the industries wherein companies inclined to it had developed some tech is the industry of flying cars. Although little to known information about the existing developments of some companies' technology, there are already some who provided information and initial launches to their developing outputs at the moment.

In Japan, there are several tech companies who already revealed their flying car-based techs. The Japanese SkyDrive has tested their flying car models, including their SD-O3 model which are meant for kicking off manned flight operations by the year 2023, and for possible leveraging it on to the 2025 Osaka World Expo to further widen the company's scope, and expand its reach of service and capabilities.

Another Japan based company which is seeking advancements through their continuous development of flying cars is the teTra Aviation. A company comprised of seven members including one female member, teTra became known in the world of aeronautics and aviation after they have won the coveted Pratt and Whitney Disruptor Award at the Go Fly Prize which landed them a funding of 100,000 USD. It was a competition that lasted on a span of two years and was backed by renowned airplane and aeronautics manufacturer Boeing. teTra outlasted around 850 other teams from the globe through their MK-3E flying car unit which they showcased for the competition.

China-based aeronautic companies are also making waves and tightening up the flying cars competition scene. Their very own EHang Holdings, which is a Nasdaq stock market listed company made headlines as their two-seater air taxi which was set in Seoul, South Korea had a successful demo and test flight around Seoul and the nearby cities around it. Along with that, their autonomous drones already found success in China after being used as new modes of transportation for deliveries, firefighting, and tourism in the company's home country.

Xpeng Motors, another Chinese startup which focuses on electric based car systems also unveiled their prototype of a flying car currently on the works at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition last September. The company being backed by Chinese multi tech giant Alibaba Group Holding Limited expects a test drive for their prototype flying car model targeting the early parts of 2021 as their presumed date of testing.

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