'The Mandalorian' Sniper Rifle Nerf Gun: How to Pre-Order, Price, PLUS Other Release Details

The Mandalorian Sniper Rifle Gun
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Toy brand Nerf unveiled yet another addition to their long line of foam-based toy guns. This time, it is the Mandalorian Sniper Rifle Nerf Gun replica from "The Mandalorian" - a series from the Star Wars franchise now topping the charts of streaming app Disney Plus. 

The Nerf replica is named the Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster. It is almost an exact replica of the original gun in the series. Although the orange and white trademark colors of Nerf are obviously visible, it still looks like a legit rifle, with its bottom stock colored in brown like what most rifles have. It is measured at four feet long, making it probably as the longest Nerf gun rifle to date.

'The Mandalorian' Sniper Rifle Nerf Gun Features and Pre-Order

It also has on point sound effects, which could greatly resemble the sounds of the gun while being used in the series itself. It only requires two AAA batteries in order to activate the sound effects function. The gun could be used on a variety of purposes intended. It could be a collector's item, an additional piece used for cosplay, or for casual play of Nerf guns. Its creators state that by having the replica gun, one could imagine how it is to be the Mandalorian himself, while tracking down bounties and defeating the opponents just like in the setting of the actual series.

Yet with its wingspan, using it on battles and duels of Nerf gun contests could be both an advantage and disadvantage. Advantages could include its capacity to be a long-range gun and could target opponents by hiding and setting it up from a far distance. Its disadvantage on the other hand also comes from its long measurement. It could be not handy enough if a Nerf player uses this while running and sneaking through his or her opponents.

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The company has yet to reveal how far could the gun reach while shooting. But nevertheless, the aesthetic of the gun would surely complement its price of 120 USD. Other Nerf guns are also close to the price range of the upcoming "The Mandalorian" variant.

It is now available for pre-order at Amazon and Entertainment Earth.  Secure your own "The Mandalorian" Sniper Rifle Gun now through this options:

Pre Order through Amazon 

-Pre Order through Entertainment Earth

History of Nerf and Franchise Tie-Ups

This is not the first time the Hasbro owned company entered partnerships with already known and established fiction franchises in the world. Nerf tied-up to create and release franchise themed-guns in and some other Star Wars affiliated franchises such as the Rogue One Jyn Erso Deluxe Blaster, and the Star Wars Episode VII First Order Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster which is now considered a rare and hard to find edition of the Nerf gun.

"The Mandalorian" Sniper Rifle Gun is now available for pre-order at Amazon at 120 USD per piece. The company expects it to be sold out anytime sooner especially with the holidays fast approaching. Although getting the actual Nerf gun might take some time as it will be physically available next year, targeted at October 2021 as its release. 

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