Vela Games to Introduce the 'MOCO' Game Genre in Upcoming Debut Game 'Project-V'

Project-V Art
Photo : Screenshot from Vela Games' Official YouTube Channel

New game studio and developers Vela Games already opened their early beta sign ups for their upcoming debut game called "Project-V" for now as its codename. Yet one of their upcoming game's focus is the introduction of their newly developed game genre called MOCO, or the multiplayer online co-op game.

Vela Games aims to introduce this new genre to the already wide variety of genres in the video game industry today. "Project-V" will be a part PvP or Player vs Player, and a part PvE or Player vs Environment game. Players who play games having both types of game combats get to fight other players but also can encounter non-player characters or NPCs as they progress in the game. Some of the most renowned PvP and PvE classified games in the world are from the League of Legends, World of Warcraft franchise, Counter Strike, Dark Souls, etc.

"Project-V" will be set on a science-fiction environment while having an evolving narrative and storyline which will eventually progress as time would go by. The company already revealed some of their created characters' art. Most of the characters are illustrated with a mythical cyberpunk look, as themed with the science-fiction/fantasy motif of the game.

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The game developers describe their upcoming project as a mix of League of Legends and World of Warcraft like game. They reiterate that it possesses the "teamplay and skill of a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), and the adventure of an MMO (massive multiplayer online game) dungeon."

Gaming site PCGamesN has an interview with Vela Games Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Travis George. He mentioned that most games out there either go on a path that deals with creating an interesting world which he stated that is more often seen today, or a "hardcore" PvP game in which the main objective would be to kill and rank up their accounts. And it served as an inspiration for them to try out on something that could cater both paths, making a MOCO game that is set on a world of interesting characters but at the same time should be played to improve.

As per the game company's official website where they answered some of the questions that are usually thrown on new and upcoming games, there is still no official date of release available as of the moment. Yet they are encouraging users to sign up early through their email addresses wherein they could secure their Project-V account. It would provide access for exclusive content, updates, and opportunities for future playtesting by the time the game would enter its beta or testing release.

The beta release is scheduled sometime by next year according to their post. Updates about the upcoming Vela Games debut game could possibly be accessed through joining their Discord server. Also, they could release updates and news on their official social media accounts such as their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch account. 

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