5 Best Collectible Cars Worth a Collector's Money

Honda S600
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Classic cars have been a nostalgic collection for some, and even the younger generation who were not really the generation where those cars were launched are very fond of buying and collecting those.

Even though the pandemic brought by the COVID-19 emerged on almost all throughout the whole year, sales of classic cars has remained on a stable and improving stature. According to Brian Rabold, vice president of valuation services at classic and collectible car insurance company Hagerty, collectors were indulged to buy cars even there were lockdowns everywhere.

That is why Rabold along with analysts from Hagerty came up with a list of some collectible cars that may see enormous value growth by the year 2021, and are worth a collector's money: Here are five of them:

Ferrari Testarossa

The 1984 Ferrari classic became a hit during its peak of release. It features a functional trunk, a huge cockpit, and a more visually appealing interior compared to its predecessor which is the Ferrari 512. Many car collectors and enthusiasts regard Testarossa as one of the most nostalgic cars from the 80s. Rabold mentioned an up and down multitude of the car's value, yet the ups are still greater than the downs.

Ford GT

Ford's modern GT take on their original GT40 which was released in the early 60s, this new GT version became more user-friendly, comfortable, and its service is available on any Ford dealer branch. Today it is now considered a 'supercar'. Rabold even mentioned that Ford GT was already a superstar during its time of original release in the year 2005, and everyone knew it was and still is special.

Jaguar XK120

This is the oldest car among the list, dating way back to 1948 as the year it was released and introduced unto the world of automobiles. Rabold describes this car as something that provides "grace and pace even if it does not have much space." This model from the renowned Jaguar series also has set the record for the fastest production car in the year 1949 on a worldwide scale. Younger car collectors tend to classify this as a must have.

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Honda S600

The fact that this unit from the long line of Honda cars was not exported on to the US already cements this car as a collectible, with left-hand drive versions of this one remains as one of the rarest classic cars ever. It also made history as the very first car from the Japan-based auto company to see availability in two trim levels. Yet it lacked a little bit of speed in its performance, riding on to it was "fun" as it was described by Rabold.

Toyota Land Cruiser

And last but not the least on this list is the Toyota Land Cruiser, which was the company's truck version built for use by the United Nations in the year 1993. This series of truck rovers from Toyota is now getting global recognition with its equipped capabilities and comfort offered, not much of its design. Rabold said that they were seeing an unexpected demand for this series, and exporting this really "stood-out" among them.

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