New Version of Charizard Pokemon Card May Top Past ebay Auction Price Record

A bunch of Charizard Pokemon Cards
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A rare Charizard card from the Pokemon trading card game (TCG) is currently on the bid on eBay and could potentially top and set a new record for the most expensive Pokemon card to date.

The rare 1st edition base set holographic rare Charizard was released in 1999. The auction for the coveted card is still ongoing as of the moment in eBay from the PWCC Auctions. The Charizard card is graded at a PSA 10 rating, the highest rating possible for any collectible card on any trading card game or card collecting system. It must be in mint condition, and no signs of any staining on the card must be possible.

Newest Pokemon TCG Auctions Record Holder

It may possibly beat the current record holder of the most expensive card auctioned in history.  This October, a holographic Charizard card was sold to world renowned rapper Logic. The card had a final price of a record-breaking 220,000 USD. Yet the Charizard card currently up for action now is already priced at 270,000 USD and is expected to even rise in value as it nears the closing of the auction, which is scheduled to end on Saturday, December 12.

The card's value has seen a skyrocket to its price due to the PSA 10 rating being given by professional card graders. It is regarded as a gem mint card, where there are no blemishes, dirt, damages, or even factory errors.

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Other Notable Pokemon TCG Auctions

Also, some of the most notable Pokemon TCG auctions would be the sealed First Edition Base Set booster box last September. It was being sold at the Heritage Auctions' Comics and Comic Art Auction in the US. The final price set for the sealed Pokemon TCG classic product was closed at 198,000 USD. Like the Charizard card auctioned today, the base set was also released in 1999. The fact that it was still sealed could almost guarantee that all the cards inside the set would all be on gem mint conditions and could potentially be all PSA 10 graded cards.

Before the base set's auction, last year a sealed base set box was also auctioned and was set on to a price of 78,000 USD. It also indicates that in a span of just a year, the value of the base set has tripled. It was mainly not just because the possible high-grade ratings for the cards, but also due to the continuing popularity of the Pokemon TCG and the Pokemon franchise as well, on a global scale.

Even in the casual and competitive play scene today, the Pokemon TCG remains to be one of the most popular and well-known TCG franchises. Their current, present, and up-to-date card expansions are still being seen with a great response from players all around the world. And up until now they still produce cards that could value up high in the future. It includes the new Pikachu Gigantamax card which features the giant version of the flagship Pokemon of the franchise, Pikachu. 

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