'League of Legends: Wild Rift' Best Beginner-Friendly Champions Used for Ranking Up

Master Yi
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"League of Legends," or League - arguably considered as the most played and popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) PC game in the world are now making waves on the mobile MOBA scene.

Now called "League of Legends: Wild Rift," the new game from League creators Riot Games, this new mobile MOBA game gradually creates its own following, as more users from Southeast Asia are trying and eventually lending their time to play this new game.

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Just like its mother game, Wild Rift adapts the same ranking system from the original League. Although a new rank between the Platinum and Diamond, which is the Emerald has debuted on the newest offering of Riot. Still, players would start with the Iron rank, and the Challenger rank is still the highest of them all just like in League.

Some players who are now playing Wild Rift are those who are already familiar with the League system as they were originally PC players of the game. While some who were not League PC players could be a stranger to League's gameplay and system which is now adapted in the mobile MOBA scene.

We ran down the list of Wild Rift champions per position which are beginner-friendly and could bring a player to the highest of ranks in the ranked game. Here it goes:

Top Lane - Garen

One of the heroes which possess the best durability, Garen is a tank hero best to use in the top lane. His sustain is one of his most notable characteristics, and could go on either 1 on 1, or 1 on 2 with enemies. His set of skills include a speed boost which could turn into a damage dealer after some time, a rotating blade which could last even if he moves, and his ultimate which allows him to hop over, deal damage upon landing, and initiate team fights. He could also be used as a 'jungler' sometimes, although this is often seen in higher rank gaming. For beginners, he is bet to be used as a solo top lane tank/fighter which could intimidate even a pair of enemies.

Mid Lane- Ahri

There are many heroes which are easy to use in the mid lane. But Ahri stands out as the one which could give a player a higher chance of winning games despite its easy piloting characteristic. She could take on an enemy in the mid lane all by herself, with her skills that could deal a lot of damage. It could be utilized properly by using first her third skill which can stun enemies, then could be followed up by the barrage of her high damage-dealing skills. Just be careful especially in team fights as Ahri is not really used for durable purposes, but rather for offensive ones.

Jungle- Master Yi

May it be for beginners of League veterans, Master Yi is a sure pick for the jungle. He is a one man show killing machine which could be a lethal champion when he has the right buffs and items equipped. He is an almost sure win on one on one but could be a potential team killer if used the right way. Not only that, but his skills could also one hit jungle monsters in the late game. Just buff him up and give him the best items especially those which focus on additional damage, attack speed, and immortality.

AD Carry (ADC)- Jinx

One of the easiest marksman champions to use even in the PC gaming before, Jinx is a high damage dealing champion, but is also known for her versatility, especially in two-on-two Dragon lane fights or in massive team fights in general. She can go on as a high-damage dealer with a slower output, or a fast-attacking speed champion even with mediocre level damage which eventually turns in to a high-damage one if her items focus on boosting attack speed. Positioning her in team fights could put her team's situation with an edge. Plus, her ultimate skill could be used on as far as it could reach on the entire map to be exact.

Support- Blitzcrank

And last but not the least, the best support champion to date, Blitzcrank's durability especially in two on two or massive team fights is incredible. Also, his skill set is topped with his remarkable hook first skill which could primarily initiate team fights. The hook skill itself deals a lot of damage, but its main purpose is for Blitzcrank's teammates to make the most out of his successful hook.

After casting the hook skill, it could be followed by his set of other skills, including a damage dealer, and a skill which could slow down enemies. This is where he is at his best at team fights, along with his durability especially if he has the correct items. Pair him up with the team's ADC in the early to mid-games, then when his items are ready, take on the team fight by aiming through his hook skill.

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